Spurred by the post "Must avoid Ultra processed foods" by Anamika , I like to dwell a little more on the topic .

* Adding sugar, salt and fat to food makes perfect sense from the point of the food industry: these ingredients drive overconsumption of the foods and beverages they’re added to; and they’re cheap and readily available, which maximizes profit for the manufacturer and maximizes the weight for the consumer ..

.- Keep a watch on FSS presence and contents .

* Another strategy by the Food Factories is making the Food items softer through such processing techniques. When the food is made softer , the chewing , masticating is reduced from the conventional 32 times . One common piece of Advise / dictum is to chew the food 32 times before swallowing as Bolus [chewed food] is undermined. First more food will be consumed in less time as the chewing is reduced .This will lead to the first digestion process of food in the mouth is impaired. The undigested carbohydrate will cause problem in the stomach . And naturally necessitate FREQUENT VISITS TO THE GASTROENTEROLOGIST.

The softened food will also reduce the exercise to the teeth , cheek, tongue and other muscles in the Buccal Cavity and around the neck . Naturally the blood supply to these organs will reduce and may have to INCREASE THE VISITS TO THE DENTIST.

* The attachment should also attract your attention . The salt content given as Sodium and not sodium chloride . Sodium content of sodium chloride(the common salt ) is only 40 % . The daily total requirement of sodium is 2.4 Grams that is 2,400 milligrams . In terms of Sodium chloride it is, that is the common salt , it is 6 Grams (6,000 milligrams)

The 100 gram content of " khatta meetha" has 771 Milligrams of sodium . If one consumes 1 packet of 100 grams , 1/3 the days allowance (2 .4 Grams – 2,400 milligrams ) is consumed from one snack itself. One will be left with only 2/3 of sodium to be consumed from the rest of the foods. We know the adverse effects of the extra salt consumption on the .B.P., Kidney and heart health .

Try and develop taste towards fresh leafy vegetable and Fruits , to replace FSS Foods that are manufactured with an ulterior motive towards Profiteering . more  

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I completely agree with Jayakumar Daniel and some sort of mechanism should be introduced to expose, catch and regulate such activities more  
Good to have such labels ( The attachment in the main post shows). Contentious ingredients like salt content (harmful to heart and kidney when over doses are taken on a regular addictive basis), should bear the name of the commodity (in this case Common salt - sodium chloride ) that the common man is familiar with .

In this case it is mentioned as Sodium the active ingredient of the Salt . It is only 40% of Salt (Sodium chloride that we use ).It shows SODIUM 771 milligrams for 100 grams of the mixture . It is actually 1,927 (ALMOST 2 GRAMS - 6 GRAMS IS THE PERMISSIBLE ALLOWANCE PER DAY ) Milligrams of Salt .


It will good if the FSSAI makes a note of it. As in this case, How salt is added in combination with other ingredients Sugar and Fats to hook the consumers towards the Brand. - ADD LIFE TO YEARS. more  
Thanks for the insight....appears FSSAI sometimes helps the business also....as it is also expected that common sense and food sense prevail while eating out...good brands give the calorie content on labels.. more  
For the sake of improving the taste and increase the sales, companies are going down to the maximum extent and the FSSAI is a silent observer. more  
Yes SSS sir,
we know . Is it not our duty to take our kith & and kin also along with us. After watching through our lives , the weight of children starts shooting up from Adolescence ,the Puberty sets in around 10 (from 13 in yesteryears ), more cancer cases, early onset of Diabetes, and incidence of CVD in the 30's more  
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