Fruit and Vegetable Vendor Malpractice

We reside in Sector 44 Noida and buy fruits and veggies locally. I feel there are many malpractices being used by these vendors. Some were even highlighted a while back about wax on apples etc in noida circle. I think if everyone can share what they have observed, may be the food authority can have some awareness materials and guidelines as a result and even define cases where actions will be taken against violators. more  

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There used to be annual verification by weights and measures. Without any notification, the practice has become obsolate. Government and its employees are now simple spectactors for the public to be cheated. more  
Vegetable vendors use copper sulfate to make green specially Parbal, Which i highly toxic. Unless citizens get united problem will never be solved. Unity is strength. more  
in hyderabad or any metro cities, small vendors near bus station,rly stations or busy places like market,temple etc i will select the fruit and when i am trying to give money and go to house and if u see, all the fruits are waste one.if you have given the money and taken the item, they will tell that u have not given money and all the vendors will immediately join,no customers will join together-that is an advantage to the vendors.many a times it happens,in the city bus pick-packet,mobile theft is very common.if u go an report to police station,this is happening through out city and in thousands it happening.where is the man power,go go like that they were is very very common for common the same time if it happens to a famous people, then...same thing,every body is telling drink and drive is offence,but for famous people? that many..when ??? more  
Nothing would happen. Fruit vendors are openly and continuously going on using lethal chemicals to get the fruits ripen in shorter period as also to give attractive shining making the fruits unfit for human consumption. The chemicals so use are extremely harmful to kidneys and liver. This practice is going on years after years but nothing happens excepting highlighting in news papers periodically. And we, the consumers relish them considering of meeting the requirements of our bodies to maintain a good health, while our governments (central & state) and so called leaders totally unconcerned about the health of their citizens, remain busy in cultivating new avenues to increase their vote banks to meet their ends of ruling the country by hook or crook for their own interests & benefits. more  
Nobody should be spared in this aspect and the food safety government departments concern should take appropriate action against them, if possible they may cancel their licences for better quality of product sales. more  
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