Food Safety in Uttar Pradesh - Inputs Sought

FSSAI (The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ) has a Food Safety circle available via -

We would like to seek your inputs on what are the various issues you see in regards to food safety in your city in Uttar Pradesh. These could be in regards to artificial ripening, packaged food, food product itself, restaurant hygiene levels, street food, adulteration, etc.

We would also look at how district food safety officials can be given access to the circle followed by a city level food safety/consumer circle in your city.

We look forward to your inputs! more  

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Almost in all cities as well rural areas in UP and all other states in India, people's life is on stake just because of some greedy and commission agent, adulteration is a common practice in india and people are doing it openly without any government fear because they know that getting FSSAI license is just a click of money hence the values of FSSAI stands NILL in toda's time.
Right from the milk, refined oil, packed food, processed food, raw vegetables and fruits as well those available in super market are just running behind money that is why life of common man has no value and government is also keeping their eyes open wide shut!
Government knows how to catch people involved in adulteration but Inspectors and responsible people are getting huge amount of commission from the sellers hence they completely ignore adulteration in food.
My advise is simple regular check from task team (formed by central and state government together along with an audit team probably from private approved agency) must have regular and uninformed check/Inspection in the food factory all over India and those who found in adulteration process must be put behind bars for lifetime along with penalty not more than death. Immediate termination/cancellation of license must be initiated by the approving authority and task team must report directly to the central vigilance team on day wise basis. more  
I think whatever is seen in the open market, nothing has purity. Everything is having merger of impurity. How many things may be taken under counting. Since uncountable merging with the items are available in the city, hence counting the name of items is not justified. Since the government dominates every thing through their staff and officers and every thing is being happened with their support (which is an indifferent part of the corruption), hence highlightation of the same to the circle officers has no meaning at all. Whatever I have seen so far, the same can not be reproduced here please. I hope a system other than present here as government from top to bottom, can be developed to prevent the issue in question and then the issue can be solved upto some exent please. Thanks for consideration please. more  
The food packaging is mostly in plastics. Vendors still sell in plastic bags. Even snacks like jalebi and samosa remain uncovered and heating of food in the same used oi is innumerable. No hygiene is maintained in disposal of left over food. Vendors do not usw gloves while handling cooked food. more  
Please do not expect that Government would do anything and everything for
idling citizens.
Please just highlight one incidence with full details and watch for the
action/ inaction on the part of authority.
Wild goose chase does not take you anywhere.

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Street food sellers must not use cooking oil more than twice as it gets carcinogenic. Street food must be prepared and sold in a hygienic manner. Not only artificial ripening by harmful chemicals like carbide but also harmful chemicals that are injected into fruits like watermelon and vegetables should be prevented urgently. more  
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