Food Adulteration Issues from Citizens

Below are some of your key inputs on food adulteration via various circle posts/comments.

Kindly review and share any other specific inputs on food adulteration issues you have observed in your area/city.

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If we look at the problem from a holistic perspective the following emerges; 1. Food is handled by billions of people in our country. It can be checked for each individual. Then the only remedy is to change the attitude of the people on this issue. It requires mass education, school education, NGO and SHG efforts, random tests, hefty fine and jail terms for the errants, and yet it will take years. 2. Special checks are to be routinely carried out on all a) big farms, b) food and food products processing units including milk, egg, chicken, mutton, beef etc and only certified and approved units are authorized to sell and market. 3. Each batch and each lot of imported food and food products need be checked to ensure compliance. 4. People, institutions, and organizations must be allowed to register complaints online. Any decision shall be taken only after due and scientific verification and comparison with national laws and standards. more  
Food adulteration is a major concern. I stay at RK Puram, Secunderabad. There are a number of Kirana shops like in any other locality. Can an inspection be organised to verify the samples of items being sold? Secondly, there is a Raithu bazar at this locality on all tuesdays. Look at the vegetables and fruits being sold. Can a verification be organised? The milk packets are available in these shops. Drinking water cans are there. In the presence of local people who are the customers, if such checkings are authorised, half of these Banias would close their shops and go away. The malls are no exceptions. I buy from ratnadeep at Secunderabad club vicinity. The water malon we bought was injected with colour. There was no compalint book there. Virtally no verification or raid takes place anywhere, except in some local eateries where they were compelled to improve and reopen. The fault lies to tally with the enforcing authorities who are either colluding or lacadaisical more  
All we need is rigorous monitoring so that those who sell unhealthy food products in nice packages and lots of advertisement can not escape more  
brief summary given is nearly public knowledge,still thanks. This is a reassurance that the comments are being read. Next, what role FSSAI can play in correcting the situation and what a citizen can do to help you do this. Unsafe food is curse of India and we need to involve public participation. more  
The rogues are doing all for the Sake of money. Where is Government? Where are the Netas, Where are the Babus? They are Just enjoying the salaries and parks? more  
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