Flu prevalence in Uttar Pradesh

Thanks for participating in the survey on prevalence of flu/viral fever like symptoms among individuals in your household and below are the survey results:

Flu prevalence in Uttar Pradesh

The survey suggests that prevalence of this flu in Noida/Gautam Buddha Nagar and Ghaziabad is higher than rest of the districts. Please share any additional inputs/experiences that you have on the subject. more  

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Appreciated & agreed to Mr.Badrinath Rao's points.In addition provision of basic needs such as , adequate Public Convenience Places including at schools, Infra structure developments like Roads/ Drains & Electrification, Establishment of Health Centers with posting of Doctors etc. more  
Thank you Mr.Arun Verma that you feel the same way about my suggestion.The biggest problem in U.P. is Law and Order. Any party coming to power should first give a clean corrupt free and developement oriented Government. Even a lawless State like Bihar has better law and order after the BJP/JD Government with Nitish Kumar as C.M. took over and developing under Nitish Kumar as CM even after aligning with Lalu Yadav's party. more  
I agree with Badrinath Rao ji, the top priority should be Law and Order - corruption in Police force, police high handedness interference of politicians and the super rich in the legal process, and corruption in Judiciary at all levels should be dealt with firmly so that the common man can lead a peaceful life. more  
For any Party forming the Government in Uttar Pradesh after the elections, the priorities are as follows:- 1. Law and Order - corruption in Police force, police high handedness interference of politicians and the super rich in the legal process, and corruption in Judiciary at all levels should be dealt with firmly so that the common man can lead a peaceful life. 2. Development of infrastructure, roads,power,education and Health care in all districts of U.P., especially underdeveloped districts like Bundelkhand to make each district self sufficient in food, health care and employment. 3. cleanliness and sanitation, cleaning up of Ganga and Yamuna rivers under Swach Bharat Abhiyaan so that by October 2018 it is completed. more  
1. UP should be divided in 2 or 3 states. 2. There should be regulatory body to look into the posting / transfers of senior Administrative and Police officials at District / Divisional level hence there would be full control on law and order problem. 3. Mayor should be the supreme head of the corporation and MNA post should be abolished or powers curtailed for betterment of civic amenities. 4. Private institutions should be roped in for waste disposal etc. 5. There should be total ban on digging the road either by any individual or govt. body atleast for 3 years when it is carpeted or the concerned official / corporator be penalized for not taking any action. 6. Highways need to be widened and ALL ENCROACHMENTS need to be demolished without any political / media interference. 7. For any traffic jam the person on duty should be taken to task as he is more interested in minting money than controlling the traffic. more  
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