Even papayas are carbide ripened

I just dont understand how we as people of India allow our regulatory officials to take salary without doing work. 99% papayas in Delhi are also artificially ripened.

The most common compound that is used regularly is calcium carbide, which produces acetylene, which is an analogue of ethylene. It is, however, fraught with several problems. It is explosive and studies have shown that it breaks down the organic composition of vitamins and other micronutrients. Besides, it changes only the skin colour: the fruit remains raw inside. Also, industrial-grade calcium carbide is often found contaminated with trace amounts of arsenic and phosphorus, which are toxic chemicals.

The symptoms of arsenic and phosphorous poisoning include vomiting, diarrhoea with/without blood, weakness, burning sensation in the chest and abdomen, thirst, the problem in swallowing, burning of eyes, permanent eye damage, ulcers on the skin, mouth, nose and throat.

Other symptoms include throat sores, cough, wheezing and shortness of breath. Consumption of artificially ripened mangoes can upset stomach. It damages the mucosal tissue in the stomach and disrupts the intestinal function. If a person is exposed to the chemicals for a long time, they can cause peptic ulcers.

According to studies, calcium carbide can also affect the neurological system by inducing prolonged hypoxia. It causes symptoms like headache, dizziness, high sleepiness, memory loss, cerebral oedema, numbness in the legs and hands, general weakness, cold and damp skin, low blood pressure and seizure. Pregnant women particularly need to be very careful and should not consume such fruits and vegetables. more  

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In every city artificial ripening is resorted more  
People have been fed with so much lies by various Government authorities who were formed for a purpose but were defeated by the bribes and greed. Over the years people's immunity has become so strong that they digest even lies as also carbide ripened pappaya's. This could also explain the rising pollution as people expel carbide in the atmosphere too. So lies and pollution are on a collision course in Delhi atleast. more  
1.How does one confirm "organicity" of any fruit especially before cutting it ? How reliable is the claim of any vendor of the fruit being organic ?
2. Dr. PVP Nair, Where does Jesus come into this picture ? I think there is some mixing up of two messages. more  
Your concerns are baseless calcium carbide is very sensitive to moisture. It decomposes to acetylene and lime. CaC2 is manufactured by the calcination of lime stone and charcoal. Any volatile materials like Hg and As cannot withstand that temperature.
The multinationals want fruits at low cost and poor Indians are misled. The same was the case with coconut. They wanted coconut oil to make soap at low cost .So they propagated that it contains cholestrol. It cannot contain even one ppn does not contain even one molecule of cholesterol
Jesus studied in India under Kashmiri Pandits during his 12 - 30 years and later on died in Kashmir at the age of 78(AD45). The tomb of Jesus is in Kashmir. He body was kept in the mosque namely Rozabal in Khanyar street( ref: the book ISO the traveller). I visited it in 1984 more  
Is there any way to avoid eating artificially ripened fruits - Only if we ban purchasing fruits in toto for at a week in protest, it may infuse some sense of responsibility in the vendors more  
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