Eureka Forbes service - scrutinize before service

We have had Eureka Forbes water filter for about 20 years. AMC was never an issue - the service person would call, do the service, take the check for the amc and gives us the amc copy.
However, things turned ugly, when we had to renew this time. First, the person called and did the service. We paid the amc through UPI. He said the contract would be sent by email. Later, we realised that he was from Surekha forbes " and not "Eureka Forbes". We sent several emails and calls to Eureka support, but everytime their response was "we are escalating...". Probably, they escalate in the order of their employee number.
This month, the regular person who comes for service called, changed the filter. We gave a check for the amc ( he gave some reason as to why we cannot pay online). For the next 4 days, neither was the check deposited nor did we get the contract. We called him everyday and also raised the issue with Eureka Forbes. Eureka kept on escalating and the service person gave the reason for the delay as system problem.
Then, we got an invoice, supposedly from Eureka, which had incorrect details ( name, address, customer no etc.). Finally, we gave a stop payment instruction for the check to our bank and asked them to cancel the amc.
So, be doubly sure before you get any service done for Eureka products. Their website mentions fake service companies, but does not give the name and address. more  

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Folks, I am a EF product user and have bought the product from their website. I have created an account with them and book my requests only through my login. So far, I have had no issues with their service booked through my account. It has been advised by a couple of lawyer friends of mine that having a customer account with them strengthens the case in the instance of any grievance. Reason being they are legally liable as a breach of contract case if the product service is booked through their portal, with a valid customer ID on a product purchased through their website. Despite having an account, they do not perform service or the solutions are erratic, one can always put it on primary social media with the names of the people one has interacted with. It also helps to find out who is in the management hierarchy, collect their contact details from public forums and tag them in social media. I did this with Amazon and they immediately responded. Lets find solutions and share our authenticated/validated/personal experiences of resolution. Thanks more  
There employees defrauded my aged father living alone many times by ringing after every 3-4 months that service is due and will come do something and take payment. He was mostly bedridden and will not check and they will take cash when they were not supposed to since yearly payment was given in advance. It came to light when i had visited hometown and was sitting when they rang up and came . Currently also they are charging 25% as AMC which is extremely high since in most items the AMC is 5 to max 10 % depending on complexity of eqpt. Meanwhile eqpts do not need annual maint but by usage hours or such parameters. Like cars 10000 kms. One doesnt hv to go and pay 18-20000 when one has driven barely 3000 km in a year. it adds to per km running cost. similarly water purifiers easily work for thousands liters which company must tell and put a liter counter by law. Matter shud be looked into by FSSAI or such govt institution. Also i find that their eqpt is designed to to give fake filter change and service due malafide programming indication every few months. This needs to be investigated by ISI or some govt engg institution, why such programming is done. it is restrictive trade practice. Even when it is barely used 150 liters a month in liter counts it is not understood why filter change and servicing is needed. What is that 5500 worth of work is done in a year in a filter? The bottled water turns out much cheaper. And if COOP HSG SOCIETIES put ro plant then there is no need for individual aquaguards in every home. more  
Yes in recent times lot of sub contractors are telephoning under the guise of EF . We have be careful , moreover EF encourage online payment with 5 -10% discount . Ensure service personal carry and come hologram of EF . In fact I have raised complaint of different personal calling , under pretext of EF and/or sub contractors . Always y ensure you transfer AMC in the name of the company , not on individual account . I s as m using EF since 2010 more  
First and foremost always ask for the contract and read it thoroughly... If you find there is any issue you find... You can talk to the service manager and then ask the concerned person for his ID proof.. take a snap of the ID and then call the service centre for facts.... I hope this helps more  
I checked the id proof of the person and it said service partner of Eureka forbes. There was also an employee number. I called and emailed Eureka Forbes support (several tines) but their only responses were "sorry...... We are escalating the issue". Now, how much dumber can they get. more  
For the past few years the services under AMC become worst especially when replacement of spares are involved. Horrible response. Even for routine services we have to inform deepa.customer through email. She will respond after two days through the mail. Say something and will give guarantee to attend the problem. The local service provider never call us. We have to call them about the complaint lodged with the company. They will coolly say the spare is not readily available and will take minimum ten days to get. In the meantime we have to make so many calls to know about the status. The service provider never ubdate us. Ultimately the spare will be replaced after fifteen days. Till that time we have to manage drinking water from other sources. Nowadays for AMC, they are not issuing any certificate. They say that it will be saved in their system and will attend the services. The company has increased the AMC charges exorbitantly and drastically reduced the service frequency. Earlier they visit once in three months but nowadays they are visiting every six months. They insist for outer filter at extra cost. Because it will ease their work and need not open the machine to clean the inner filters. They will simply clean the outer filter and go away. We have to present when the service technician comes for services. If ladies are alone then they will simply clean the outer filter and go away. Nowadays many brands are available in the market. Earlier it was their monopoly. People should reject the aquaguard and go for the better options available in the open market at ver lesser cost. Whenever we connect with the customer care number, they will say we have noted the complaint and forwarded it to the concerned department. The same message we will get whenever contact the customer care. Government should monitor the activities of such public involvement companies take severe action on such defaulter public service companies more  
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