Enlarged Prostrate

I would experts to tell us what is most effective treatment in homeopathy for enlarged prostrate leading to poor urine stream. more  

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And most prescriptions include combinations, both homeopathic and biochemic! more  
Can any one explain to me, why present day homeopathic doctors are prescribing four to five different dilutions/pills along with some biochemic medicines for any problem? I remember to have read some article which explained Haneman's principal of Homeopathy as ' single medicine, minimum dose and maximum time'. And I am writing this with my personal experience. And if the problem is not cured the entire prescription is changed and the patient is made to buy all the medicines again. This I have seen where a homeo store is also attached with the doctor. Pure business. Where to go for genuine treatment? more  
The respect for experience is not the point of discussion we all respect however treatment of human lives based on perception of an individual is a bit risky proposition. There can be differential diagonsis but there is only 1 diagnosis for a person suffering from ailments. the success with a particular drug is post the efforts as per guidelines or is it something else is a topic of debate and involves lot of subjectivity. I donot want ot get into that discussion. However the healthcare system needs to be accountable as well as the physicians. There could be many ways of treating a patient but there is only 1 best way, Is everyoen doing that due dilligence and analysis to arrive at that, is a different debate. its not about bookish knowledge its about providing the best to the ailing community and do justice to what one is expected to deliver...we should never forget, we are treating humans/lives, there should not be any short cut approach whether due to lack of knowledge or learning passed on by others without questioning and auditing the approach or anything else. the aim is to treat the patients with the best available knowledge, tools, medicine, system of medicines....a thought may be high time to ponder about.... more  
Some reactions on this post seem to be from people who need to be more positive in their approach ; rigidity in treatment does not help anyone. If you go to 5 different Homoeopathic doctors with the same problem they may all prescribe different medicines depending upon their perception of symptoms, their success with some particular drugs in some particular illness, their experience etc. Please do not go by bookish knowledge alone. Everyone has their point of view, please respect it. more  
To remind all my homoeopath friends - pollution, stress etc are contributory factors however homoeopathic philosophy has mentioned Miasm as the root cause for various illness. we need to treat the underlying cause ( not eliminating the importance of diagnosing the disease with labs and investigations). Single medicines work wonders and have been working for ages. Please check the sample size and details about the clinical trials for Prostonum etc. its mockery of the protocols...i suggest all the readers to be careful of homoeopathic medicine, if not prescribed as per guidelines, as they may cause bigger and deeper damages, if you are in hands of homoeopaths who do not understand homoeopathy....

Happy and safe Health!

Dr. Punit Kamrah
kamrah_punit@yahoo.com more  
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