Emergence of New Fads:

Every era there emerges a new Fads in habits like eating, dressing ,use of Cosmetics, Choice of auto mobiles and so on. .

One such is these days it is Organic Foods and Vegetables, Fruits , Baked items ,Grains ,Lentils, Millet's and so on and on . So it is a vast Ocean we are plunging in to ; that too in the right time when the unscrupulous have entered the fray in a big way.

The research has been going on in the field of Food and Agriculture

* to offer nutritious , hygienic , healthy food with least pesticides .
* Farmer to get better price & benefitted
* Cut middle men exploiting - Now middle men themselves seem to have got into this, making it a laughing stock
* Make indigenous food available in India to prevent dependence on other countries .
Good so many have voiced their concerns about the quality of cooked as well as Organic products

# It is here that FSSAI has a major role to play . People depend solely on their honest , tireless approach towards all the questions raised not only on quality but also pricing ,shelf life . They have to raise up to the expectations of the people.

# Pricing and costing :There is a pricing mechanism also in practice I suppose for Large, Medium and Small Industries. This is followed by a mark up from the cost of basic raw material .

 When we have complains of overcharging on MRP there are also instances of super markets underselling from MRP to the tune of 20 to 25 %. How is it possible ? Instead straight away reduce the MRP TO 20% less limit. Very true of all cooking oils. So the pricing is not at all realistic.


Solution :Go to dealers rather than the stores ,I found the price to be 40 % less and genuine As I use Millet's for food and cold pressed oils . more  

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Anita, yes the choice of what one consumes is the right of the individual. However, no one is fully qualified to make the appropriate judgement. Hence, listening to others and then making a considered decision that could prove beneficial more  
What FSSAI has done is just copied the rules applicable in USA and some European countries without much application of mind and considering local conditions and issues. I also feel FSSAI rules should also apply to local government agencies like water supply etc and they should be answerable to FSSAI. Water being primary source of contamination in our country has to supplied as per international standards more  
In a recent report, it came out that all the food items claimed to be organic are not at all organic. These are manipulated to look like organic to fetch high prices as the prices of organic foods are higher by 80 to 100% of similar non-organic items. The consumers need to be careful & knowledgeable about the organic ones. Vegetables are highly contaminated because of extreme use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides/insecticides. Seasonal vegetables are grown throughout the year by using high doses of pesticides/insecticides which are extremely harmful to our lives but we enjoy them by shelling out high prices. All kind of food items are adulterated and contaminated causing different kind of new diseases but these practices continued unabated. Lethal chemicals are used to ripe fruits making their consumption unsafe for health. The word MRP (maximum retail price) itself is ambiguous and the government machinery does not have any control over it. MRPs printed on most of the electrical & electronic items are higher than their actual retail prices at least by 50%. This is intentionally done to attract the consumers by offering high discounts and in the process, the retailers dupe their customers as their actual prices differ from shop to shop. This is equally applicable in respect of other items as well. Government's efforts to substantially bring down the prices of medicines appear to have failed as practically the prices have not come down excepting a few ones, in which cases the prices have been nominally reduced by around 5 to 10% of their earlier prices, which is nothing but eye washing. The medicines manufacturers spend at least 50% of the prices as commission to the doctors, retailers and other related agencies. Where is the justification in becoming so liberal at the cost patients and their nears & dears? Majority of the dealers/whole sellers also usually charge the prices of retailers under retailers' pressure as otherwise their business will have serious setbacks. more  
Let the people decide what they want and what is good for them. Why should you or anyone else decide? Who has given them the right to decide what people should eat or drink? The world is changing and changing fast - you need to do the same if you want to keep up. more  
Hi Sultan ,you have been a Food expert theoretically and practically in chennai city. we want you to pitch in more on FSSAI and help us who are lost in this vast world of ever expanding foods , ready to eat as well as to be cooked .Waiting for direction from experts like you. more  
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