Election Commission & Voter’s Card

“How can the Election Commission make the process of obtaining/modifying voter ID card faster and efficient?” is the question asked in a Poll that is conducted. I wonder why….?

Here is my experience :

First time I made an application for the Voter’s Id card, the group of person dealing with such things was automatically revealing their level of activities. To me, it appeared that it was a bunch of persons, who were all along unemployed, and has secured this chance as a temporary duty for doing the needful to help the election commission in getting the appropriate Voter’s card ready for me.

When I collected my Voter’s Id card, there was a surprise for me, which confirmed my doubts about the persons employed for doing this job.

My “Full Name” was showing only “Mangesh” with my surname missing. Same was the case for my father’s name, where also the surname was missing.

I wonder, whether the election commission itself does NOT know, that the Voter’s Id card can be used as Identity Proof and also as a Proof of Residence.

But when I went to vote, there was another surprise waiting for me. The list of Voters showed my mis-spelt name as “Mangish”, but I was allowed to vote.

On enquiry, I was directed to the office, where I could make an application for getting the name corrected. I visited the office, filled and signed the form, submitted the duly filled & signed form, and collected the counterfoil as the receipt.

When next elections were due, I visited the same office along with the counterfoil of the application submitted. The person on duty told me that they have NOT received any such application. I kept wondering, that when I have a counterfoil acknowledging the submission of the application for getting my name corrected, how can the concerned person refuse the existence and any such application?

He advised me to apply again. But by then I had developed a very strong confidence about the whole system, and I left without making a fresh application.

Summary : The election commission itself has a kind of sad viewpoint for issue of such Voter’s Id cards and/or getting the errors corrected.

Similar problems earlier existed for Passports too, and all problems “Virtually disappeared” completely and totally when the whole job was given to Private organization. (I am Hundred Percent confident that the private organization can do such job in specified time, because there are no incapable persons appointed based on religion, cast, or whatever)

To summarise, the Election Commission must be first committed to issue proper Voter’s Id card. The election commission also must note, that it does NOT have right to make changes in my name as filled in by me in my application form, and if that has been done, it is illegal. Election Commission also cannot reject it’s responsibility by saying that the commission has not done any such changes in the name, but it was typographical error from the person appointed to do that work, because as the Principal Employer, that responsibility legally rests with the election commission itself.

Some have a sadistic view point & mindset, do NOT give importance to the work which is legally important, appoint some deadwoods to do such jobs, and expect the Best Results…?

Mera Bharat is really Mahan. more  

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These unemployed youths given such work are not trained properly.They are also not supervised properly.Probably quality of youths employed are academically not sound.These are important documents and should not be taken lightly. more  
The order of the day is Might is right . Who to check this working style ? Are these workers above the law , just because they are on Election related work. more  
I must comment here, the responsibility of less percentage voting by and large goes to Election Commission. Appears, its a loose confederation, maintaining a large team doing nothing. I remember, it was Mr Seshan who brought some reform to this department. Today, high level politics play there...! In Kerala, Tikaram Meena placing his hoardings with a high level picture in each and every corner of streets, what is his intention? Nobody to question? Is it not a violation of code of Conduct since election time now!!!! Waste of time! Still Tax payer is paying for that. more  
It is unfortunate these problems exist in Aadhar cards also despite the job being carried by a highly reputed central organisation. My Aadhar card Mob.No., emailid dont match with those submitted. Now for corrections they have given this job to some selected bank branches. Go to the branch and you are told they take only 10 requests a day by token system which is distributed at 9.30AM. That means you have to reach the bank gate atleast 3hrs. ahead of time and still you are not sure if you are lucky enough.
I think all other cards like Voter's Card, PAN card, etc. should be allowed to get direct feed from aadhar details..then only the mistakes can be avoided..however the present online application facility has helped in minimising such typos/ errors more  
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