Election Commission & Actions

As per the Media reports, the movie based on the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to be released, but the EC has banned the release until after the elections are over.

In addition, the NaMo TV also appears to have been banned.

I just wonder, what the people working in Election Commission were doing when the Jaya & Kalaignar TVs were telecasting suitable news items all these years?

EC has the responsibility of answering this question which is in the minds of many BJP supporters.

As per the law, two days prior to the election date, all the political actions and canvassing related to the said elections are required to be stopped.

Great… but is that sufficient?

After the 1st Phase of the election was over on 11th Apr 2019, all other phases are still balance, but whatever is shown on any and every TV news channel has not changed?

Does the EC have an opinion, that the Political parties MUST stop the canvassing, but the Corrupt Paid News Media can suitably continue?

If that is so, it raises doubts in my mind about the very integrity of the EC itself.

If I can think of the effect of Media News to the viewers who are yet to vote, EC being more responsible body should have thought about it long long ago.

EC needs to explain, why such a thought is never considered at all?

Truly, the Media should also be banned in covering anything and everything related to the elections from two days prior to the start of the First Phase of the election, until after all the phases of the said elections are over.

Not allowing the political parties to Canvass but allowing the corrupt paid media to do the same job, is completely anti-democracy in my opinion, and I could be wrong.


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EC and Courts neglecting to take SUOMOTU cases from allegations, malpractices Offenses of Politicians and their supporters WHICH IS RELATING IN INCREASING OCCUPATION OF CONVICTS IN THE HOUSES.
Why the Constitutional Bodies still neglect. ??
Who else to intervene??
ARE THE QUESTIONS TO BE RAISED BY PUBLIC OR PRESIDENT leaving the last chance to INDIAN SECURITY FORCES at National interest. more  
There is no harm in releasing the film on PM Modi.If some leader has really done good work let the people see it and appreciate it. more  
The country is neither secular or unbiased. Media mostly sides the Congress, extrapolates anything that suits them. Same with the court. more  
Mandates of Equal Protection of LAW Article 14 , Constitutional Remedies Article 32, PREAMBLE GUARANTEES of Fraternity, JUSTICE, Social, Economic and Social HAD BEEN IGNORED SINCE '90s.
Must be upheld even from Now please. more  
Thanks that SC had taken the congnizence and reminded /directed EC about their powers whereupon the EC had taken some steps.

Else After Mr. Sheshan all elections held does not have any visible actions from EC. more  
IPC punishments relating to Elections totally forgotten. Volume of punishments need to be revised in terms of 21st Century please. more  
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