E-Commerce Frauds on the rise through Face Book

Those of our group members who are using FB would surely have noticed the tabs on top of your screen after logging. There Bell icon(notification); icon to navigate to Gaming, Home (page) icon and there is another icon similar to the Home (small cottage) which actually is Market Place and if you happen to navigate to this page you will find a whole lot of Bazaar on display. Many items: Shoes(footwear: ladies & gents); T-Shirts, Garment, as also new and unique products like Tooth Whitener. Many items you will find being displayed at Re.1/- Offer. When you click on the product, you get the product description but not the price. You can inquire the price by writing a message in comment and it gets you reply on MSN:Messenger. I clicked on a Stylish Gents footwear which was marked at Re.1/- offer but when I inquired, I was informed that the Price is Rs.450/-. So this Rs.1/- display is just a fishing hook. Beware.
However I am not closing the idea of a new way of increasing Sales but transparency and honesty is necessary. In my case I had interaction with a girl/lady perhaps who inquired if I wanted to buy and our exchange was very polite. I wished her Good Luck and complimented her follow up. She Thanked me for it and said she was just doing her duty.
Could anybody who has already shopped from FB throw some light on this?
After Reliance acquired FB, we now see FB ads on TV as how it has helped people connect with families and friends in far off places. However the bania that he is Mukesh Ambani would surely be pitching and raking in moolahs from the E-Shop provision which is perhaps running parallel to GeM (Government e-Market). Comments welcome. more  

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I got cheated by Reliance group Ajio
How to deal with this kind of innovative cheatings ?
Hi all Recently I experienced a very innovative way of cheating by AJIO.COM such that it can put Chinese to shame in cheating ideas ,
1–Ajio Refunds issue —-Ajio method
1–Multiple complaints are raised By Ajio for single item and all
marked resolved without refunds /resolutions .what will customers do complain again and again and Ajio use same trick mark it as resolved again and again 100 times till customer decides to stop complaining accept loss of refunds as destiny .

2–Second trick —-Ajio use fake refund initiations as trick and Ajio gives multiple fake refund references as refund initiated. What do you do with this type fake refund initiations? They 😆 at consumers that’s it as what can you do about it ?

3-in my case refund not received from months Ajio registered 10 complaints for one item and marked all resolved without refund ,I got 10 successful refund initiated references numbers ,all different numbers 🤣.Refund never received even now understood.What next ?
4-I am sure my complaints to online consumer forum will be resolved this way only resolved without resolving/refund and fake refund references.Damnnn the Indian customers.
4-I am suspecting that the Refunds are getting diverted to AJIO cS and family accounts as well .Customers are harrassed so that complaints never reach head offices I guess or else how can any ECOM site think of such an Innovative way of cheating ? more  
Ditch online stores at least for clothing. more  
Gosh, I did not even know what FB stood for as I never do online shopping. It is no fun. But kudos to Mr. Harpal Singh for hitting the nail in the right spot. If greed gets you then you cannot complain. more  
When did Ambani acquired Facebook? Please get your facts straight. more  
The simple rule is to buy from a reliable website at a discount offered but not at an unbelievable price. I have purchased phones in exchange and bank discount offers and faced no issue because the seller was renowned.

It is our greed to buy something at an unbelievably low price which is exploited. The one who gets lured by these low prices should not complain here. It may look a little harsh but is a fact. more  
Yes, there is one icon similar to the Home (small cottage) which actually is Market Place and if you happen to navigate to this page you will find the whole market place. It is useful, but should be utilized for acquiring information, instead of purchase of materials. more  
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