DUTY & GST in present time

I request Government to remove duty & GST on all medicine, services Oxygen & Ambulance wit immediate effect.
All above are need of the day & Govt. should make all above available to Middle class & poor citizen more  

I agree with Mr. Om but in these times of a critical pandemic in the country, Sanjana is right in requesting this issue. more  
Thanks for appreciation. My outburst is not against any individual and not tried to term anyone right or wrong. The mute question is that our country keep facing one disaster or the other almost every time and public start expecting from Govt. (any Govt. for that matter) but never take corrective actions or even wish to learn the definition of Discipline. more  
Ms. Bahadur Sanjana.....Awfully sorry to say that Middle class including Service class (Approx. 5 Cr.) are not the vote bank for the Political Parties. Even if they do not vote it will not effect the election results. Middle/Service class cannot protest on roads for their demands. They are present to pay heavy taxes on salaries/EMIs on time. Maximum revenue for any Government comes from Liquor and Petrol etc. This one reason these two items are NEVER brought under GST. For earning revenue in the time of Pandemic by the Government is the main aim by imposing GST on Medical and related products as Government knows that the people will buy hook or crook at any cost to save their near and dear ones. Prices of the essential items are all the time high in the present situation. A small example of road side "Green Nariyal" is being sold at 150.00 Per Pc. Government is least bothered on such petty issues because when a consumer can buy the O2 Cylinder for 40000.00, they can jolly well pay 150.00 for Nariyal. more  
With highest respect and regards for every citizen and the precious life - poor or middle class or others, most of the citizens have been expecting everything from everyone but do not wish to give away from our own pocket for many many things. Everyone and every institution has its limitations and forced to work within those limitations (please do not bring corruption here as it is prevalent at every stage, nook and corner) so as the Govt. Where from the resources come to Govt. because all want prices of Petrol, Onion, Tomato to go down but no one - including the poor and middle class, mind buying Daroo and /or Tobacco products. What kind hypocritical world we are trying to live in as no one shall talk about GST or VAT or Local Taxes levied on such unwanted products? more  
Very.....Very.....rightly said "THE POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS, MIND BUYING DAROO AND/OR TOBACCO PRODUCTS'. Please......please..... stop import and manufacturing of liquor & Tobacco products in India. Government earns 40% Excise duty on these, hence there will loss of revenue from duty and other taxes. I am sure everyone is aware that States which have banned consumption of liquor, illicit liquor is sold the most than the States which are open for liquor. more  
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