Dont force vaccination

Govt says that all vaccines have risks, but benefits outweigh them. Then let the individual evaluate the risks/benefits and decide. Don't compel a Bank Fixed Deposit investor to mandatorily invest in "penny stocks". It's our very life & health; not money more  

The whole Corona pandemic is a worldwide fraud perpetrated by vested interests who want to control the people of this world. Lockdowns, isolations, quarantine, vaccinations are the tools by which people can be controlled by governments. People will come to know the facts in the near future. more  
The risk associated with vaccination is much much lower compared to risk of getting COVID. Since democracies are not able to enforce vaccination, World over many governments are making vaccination mandatory to travel by public transport, entry to malls, government offices. Taking vaccination may be a matter of choice , but you also have social responsibility not to spread the disease to the elderly parents and grandparents at home or to others. more  
Dear Azam ,govt.has to take care of each and every citizen one can not be let his own choice for pandemic.It is not a burden but prime duty to safeguard each can not be allowed to infect others,therefore mandatory vaccination is fully justified.I hope every body will help each other to be safe and healthy. more  
I agree, forcing people will not get desired result in most of the circumstances. Now there are people who can give you a vaccination certificate by charging a small money. I assume that the dose which is saved by this process is sold in market. We need to try to understand why people will go for just certificate and don't care about their health? more  
Sirji people should go for their as well as others safeguard as a human being.please help the vaccinatio in the interest of everybody's care. more  
Although vaccination is a matter of choice, in a pandemic the good of the majority must override personal choice. By getting vaccinated one is not only safe guarding himself but also his fellow citizens. Furthermore if a citizen gets ill or worse, it is a national loss. There is practically no evidence that vaccination has caused problems, on the other hand, the fact is that due to vaccination, COVID cases have reduced very considerably. Imagine if a similar choice is presented regarding polio. If a child is stricken with polio its life is miserable and also that of its family, not to mention the burden on the nation. Healthy citizens are the wealth of a nation. more  
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