Does DT not mean with equal law and orders for all

Recent Incident:
Dear Delhi Police/ Delhi Traffic Police:

Today I was traveling from somewhere to Vasundhara via Anand Vihar ISBT. I am a new rider who owned a two wheeler first time. I wore proper helmet but my pillion rider was not with a helmet.
The DTP constable caught me at ISBT and I told him that I am a new rider and driving the scooter first time. I also accepted I have broken the rule and he can charge me with proper challan but FIRST OF All CATH OTHER FAST AND FURIOUS BIKERS WHO OR THEIR PILLION RIDER DO NOT HAVE A HELMET. He was anserless and one of them offended with the answer that they are fast and if we stop them they may fall down and could get hurted.
So, dear Delhi Traffic Police, if I run my vehicle slow and in proper lane, I am the soft target of DTP?? Should I also drive my scooter fast so that DTP Constables could not catch me and show his great job to his senior members? Just he wanted to fulfill his checklist? Does he not mean with equal law and orders for all??
Any Idea sir?

I am sharing my Challan number and I hope you would defiantly ask the cops.
Challan Number: VKC-1682-02833-15
DTP Cops Name: HC Manvir Singh more  

Dear Deepak, I am not with police! I am an Ordinary citizen Pls go and ask my friend who lost his brother 30 years ago. he was riding pillion without a helmet!! Helmet was not mandatory in those days. You should be thankful to the police guy for alerting you. I work for security forces and know how tough their life is !! Please let go your anger and think how you can contribute to orderly traffic on road. Police has been using technology for catching offenders on fast bikes and cars. I personally know no of such rash people who have paid heavy price for the adventures and have fallen in line and become well behaved drivers. Choice is yours pay a price and then learn or control your instincts and enjoy life. The boy who lost his life was IIT student batch mate of Dr Raghuram Rajan( RBI Governer). life is precious respect it you should require a police guy to save it!! more  
dear Aanish Sharma ji and Vijay Rajasthani ji thank you for your valuable inputs. But I am expecting or my expectations from this circle is that it should be two way communication. I was expecting some response from the #DelhiTrafficPolice Authority by whose name this group is and I, hence joined this group. Further Sharma ji I am totally agree with you but what I seen on that day was that the police constables (at least 4-5) at one point of a corner and at least 100-150 meter away our active police man were ready with their car. Do they were running out of petrol? Does the destance of 100-150 meter not enough to stop biker (provide our dear active police men are willing to do their job). DTP, any idea will really help me to figure oyt that why I was the SOFT TARGET OF THAT ACTIVE POLICE MEN !!. more  
Dear Anonymous member. First of all i appreciate that you agreed to the traffic rule you had broken, not many people are blessed with courage to accept their faults. Second of all, i agree that it feels bad that others who are not falling the rules go get away and examples are many. But tell me one thing would you say that they are doing right or they are wrong in their part. I believe that you would say that they are not right. I have no solution in mind as of now which i can say that if followed these problems can be sorted out as this is problem with peoples behavior which is not easy to change unless they change themselves. BUT we can not blame DT for this, agree that something needs to be done however you would also agree that in what danger our policemen indulge themselves into when they try confront or try to stop these crazy drivers. We need to become eyes and ears of our Police so as when we see something like such happening than we can notify the responsible authority. Action on Police is that they need to enable such environment / platform where the reporter's safety is not compromised. more  
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