Does any of the AYUSH systems depend on Germ Theory?

Would like some insights from AYUSH specialists if any of the systems (Ayurveda, Yoga, Siddha, Homeo, and Naturopathy) are agreeable to, and/or depend on the Germ Theory? Of course, I do not mean in the same sense as Allopathy, but some concept of their own?

For example, Allopathy/Pharma system of today is heavily reliant on Germ Theory, that germs (bacteria and viruses) cause diseases. However, its experimental framework is weak and highly defective. For example, NONE of the papers claiming "isolation" of COVID-19 mentioned negative controls (control experiments). The very fact that these are absent from the papers gives a strong suspicion on their validity and claims. Similarly, NOBODY till date sequenced a full Viral genome, all that they actually do is piece together fragments of genetic sequences (contigs) from millions of "viral particles" and build a genome in the computer. Such a genome (or a virus) is never found in nature. NOBODY ever could isolate a virus directly from a patient breath, sputum, blood or any other tissue or fluid, all they actually do is "inoculate" cell culture and demonstrate dubious CPE (cytopathic effects) - which may as well have been caused by the use of Antibiotics and decantation of nutrition post application of the antibiotics. Starved of food, any living being or tissue or cell would certainly die, why does it need a hypothesis of a virus? And, finally, NOBODY really proved a contagion so far. Louis Pasteur, to prove that "rabies" is a contagion, tied up dogs to poles their feet barely touching the ground. Sucked almost 1/3of the brain of the claimed "mad dog" and injected into a healthy dog's head directly. He did this twice and one dog died and the other became mad - and thus he proved that rabies is a contagion. Common sense would tell any such thing can happen even if so much plain water is injected into a dog's head, what is the need of an "infected" dog's fluid? Today, nobody even performs a good experiment. When they indeed do, they do the same old barbaric act of injecting fluid into the animals' head directly or by puncturing the eyes.

So, I am interested to hear, how AYUSH systems treat the question of a disease that can be observed among many at one time, for example, 'seasonal flu', or the present COVID. Are flu and current flu like illness (COVID) caused by germ(s)? more  

According to Naturopathy bacteria and virus are secondary cause of disease. They are not primary cause of disease. Primary cause is violation of the natures laws governing health. Un-natural living and thinking diminish the vitality or immunity of the body. The bacteria and virus can enter , survive, multiply and create a disease condition in the body only when a favorable condition for their survival is set in within the body due to wrong ways of living - eating , dressing, sleeping, working, drug abuse, sex abuse, bad hygiene, accumulation of toxins and foreign matter within the body etc and also wrong ways of thinking. Treatment of disease lies in correcting all those things - cleansing the body externally and internally to get rid of all the accumulated toxins and foreign matter from the body, fulfilling the requirements of the body rationally so as to eliminate deficiencies; creating right attitude towards everything governing life and living; creating harmonious atmosphere in family, work place and social circle by adopting moral and ethical ways of thinking and behaving; and finally trying to lead a spiritual life. Our body is a self healing machine provided a chance is given to it to treat itself by not interfering in what it is doing but by rationally cooperating it. more  
Description of this scenario would willy-nilly take us back to the India/Bharat that existed before the Mughals started infiltrating into and ultimately ruling it...That's when Ram Rajya pervaded around us...... more  
Thank you for your reply Shri Pandey. Do AYUSH specialists also critically evaluate Allopathy and so called modern research from time to time to ascertain how much of it is in conformance with principles of science and how much is not? IMO, AYUSH specialists should critically evaluate Allopathy and challenge it in the ultimate best interests of common people so market cannot hide truth for the sake of money. As I had highlighted in my post, the whole "virus isolation" is full of defects. Virus is just an artefact constructed in the computer, no such thing exists in nature. It would be great if AYUSH hunts down these inconsistencies. more  
Exactly more  
Hope some professionals working in the pathogen field understand and reply to the observations of Shri.Bondada. It would make the topic interesting! more  
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