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Can someone please tell me why most Doctors and Hospitals in Delhi don't stick to their appointment times? more  

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Unfortunately it is true, but it is very difficult, as there are variation of patient’s behavior and their disease. Some patients take less time and some more. so... more  
This is true of the medical profession universally. There are two broad reasons, one legitimate, and the other natural but unacceptable.
Most times it is difficult for a doctor to say how long he will take to see a patient. Understandably he does not want to sit and wait idly between two patients, and therefore there is a natural tendency to crowd up his appointments.
The second one is that with time, and this happens soon enough, they start regarding themselves far above their patients who come to them virtually with folded hands to save them from their problems. Doctors forget that patients' time is valuable too. They just don't care after a point. Go to any successful doctor and hospital, and you will hardly find any patient complaining about the numerous troubles that they go through for their treatment, and time becomes the least important factor in this process.
I have several doctors in my own close family, and also I have lived around in several countries, and there even as a VIP there were times when I had to leave because I refused to wait for my appointment after a certain reasonable period. Most times no apology was forthcoming either. When I speak to doctors in my family about this, they just shrug as if there is nothing to talk about it. more  
a ) Generally more appointments are given than doctor can handle b) Some patients are coming without appointment to show only investigation reports so spill of time.
c)Some emergency cases are coming in between d) The doctor coming late to clinic
after attending some emergencies - operations etc. more  
This is true even in foreign countries and happens mostly with doctors in demand. They have lot of responsibilities other than OPD, like emergency, OT etc and they miss to keep with appointment time. I did not experienced more that 30 min to 45 min delay in most of reputed hospitals. more  
It is a very good question which Shetal has raised and must be answered by doctors and hospitals justifying the delay rather than just giving some excuses. In Hospitals, where the doctors are posted as full time, even there, the appointment timings are not kept. It is a common practice that the doctor will come to the OPD only after 2-3 patients are waiting for him. When you reach the doctor clinic at OPD at your appointed time, and you are the first one on that day, only after you make payment, then only the OPD attendant will call the doctor that patient has come and then he will take at least 30 minutes to come, in the mean time, he will be sitting in his office in the ward chating with the other colleagues. They want to show to the patients, they are very busy in operation or emergency cases etc so that the patients can conclude that he is a very good doctor with many patients.

I have even experienced in one of the big private hospitals that when I took an appointment with a specialist in OPD, I found that he does not come to attend, instead he send his junior for examination whereas the hospital has charged fee for consultation with consultant and the excuse given is very common - he is busy in emergency case sir? more  
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