Dengue on Rise - be aware of this

Seems like dengue cases have quadrupled in Delhi in last 2 weeks alone. I searched for dengue posts in circles and found Dr. VK Aggarwals informative post that I am reproducing below:

reduce risk of dengue/chicken gunya/zika to zero
Aedes aegypti mosquito causes dengue fever,chicken gunya & Zika virus,yellow fever can be easily detected & eliminated if attention is paid to following points:
These mosquitoes are:
: very few in numbers,
: small in size &
: Bite in morning in bright areas(not in darkest areas ) &
: there fore maximum number of these small ,few mosquitoes are seen in morning in bright areas ie in outside areas of homes /offices/schools/construction areas etc.
:Breeding places can be much hidden, can be in drains & are not limited to containers as usually said. Breeding site is nearer to the place where maximum number of these mosquitoes are seen in morning.
:As the breeding places can be hidden, it is very important to identify areas which have presence of these mosquitoes & places which have many of these mosquitoes.
:As these mosquitoes are small & few in numbers, these mosquitoes are not visible by self Instead they have to be seen carefully on people working/standing /sitting in open areas near homes/schools/colleges/markets/offices /hospitals/parks etc. With little attention one can see these mosquitoes hovering around people.Some times when the breeding place is near by one can see hundreds of these mosquitoes hovering /biting persons at the place.Even detection of one aedes mosquito at a place is significant as these mosquitoes do not fly long distences & breed near by .
The confirmatory white streaks on its legs can easily be seen if killed mosquito is examined by keeping it on a dark back ground.
In later part of the day ,these mosquitoes take shelter in near by shady areas ,rooms,security guard room,under shaddy trees,vehicles etc& can be seen at these places.

Making the people aware :
of the need to detect the presence of these mosquitoes &
of the places which they have to see method of identification of white lines on legs
empowers them the knowledge which helps them in preventing its bite as well as helps in locating the breeding site which is near the place where they are detected because it is well known that these mosquitoes donot fly long distences.

People with such training can detect these mosquitoes & spread the knowledge where ever they go.This knowledge can also be spread to people through media,emails,whatsapp by showing them still & video pictures of these mosquitoes & hidden sites of breeding.
Monitoring the presence of these mosquitoes at a place helps in detecting even the most hidden site of breeding because if some site is left from detection,these mosquitoes will keep on emanating from such hidden sites.
Breeding can be in hidden stagnant water below ground , or in hidden structure/containers above ground.
The contention that it can breed in only fresh & clean water is wrong as it can breed in dirty & old water too .Only consideration is that it cannot breed if the water is too muddy/thick/highly viscous.It can breed in any water if some upper layers are non viscous.
Sites of hidden stagnant water below ground level are:
There may be several places below ground level where the stagnant water may not be visible or may not be easily visible eg
Remnants of rain water collecting in some portion of storm/rain water drain in colonies ,schools,offices etc.
Surplus tap water /water from water cooler collecting in near by drain.
Water from overflowing over head tanks in colonies/offices/schools etc collecting in drains which may be hidden with partial opening some where from where aedes mosquitoes go in & breed.
clean water leaking from pipe lines collecting in near by drains which may again be covered for most part with only small opening
Water from leaking gate valve on main water lines collecting in pit for gate valves which is usually left open..
Water from religious places/hotels/small restaurants etc collecting in near by covered drains with partial opening.
Open or partially open underground water tanks in houses ,buildings,construction places, vacant plots.
Basements of buildings under construction or lying unused.
It is a myth that aedes mosquito donot breed in drains rather drains in colonies/schools/offices are a serious place of aedes mosquito breeding as the eggs/small larvae from one place in drain can get dispersed to far off areas during rains. Water in covered drains is not visible in day but can be seen in night or early morning with a sharp torch light through minute holes in drain .Where ever water is found in drains ,diesel or larvicide should be pushed in by a syringe /squeezing through a hole in a plastic bottle.
There is no need to open up the drains to see whether there is breeding or not.If there is no other identifiable place with breeding,it implies that the mosquitoes are coming from drains .

Hidden breeding sites of aedes mosquitoes on ground level----
Abandoned old buildings,toilets complexes in depilidated condition. Many times new buildings are added to existing old structure.The old building ,toilet complexes are not demolished for years together .During torrential rains,water enters through the leaking roof or through open windows/ventilators or through floor if area is flooded due to heavy rains. & is the hidden site of aedes mosquito breeding. Since the buildings are not in use,no one goes inside to check them for stagnant water & breeding of aedes mosquitoes.Since the water is not visible to any one,it is a massive hidden site of breeding where fogging of colony cannot have any effect
Open storage sites of waste material/confiscated goods like police stations/mcd stores etc. Many plastic containers/drums etc may contain rain water .These sites are not inspected by care takers/ officers/owners for breeding & is frequently a permanent source of aedes mosquitoes for near by colony /area.Even if these storage complexes are locked from outside ,aedes mosquitoes can be seen biting people sitting /sleeping near these places.
Open storage sites of construction agencies.
Tirpals used as shades for various reasons.Rain water is trapped in fold in tirpals & is a hidden site of aedes mosquito bree

One should not wait for rainy season or many cases of dengue /chicken gunya/zika fever to start searching for aedes mosquitoes. Aedes mosquito are present even in winter months.The detection of aedes mosquitoes should start right from winter months.Detection of a single aed Mosquito can lead to detection of massive permanent primary hidden site of aedes mosquito breeding.
I saw hundred of dengue mosquitoes in morning on a guard at gate of a residential colony in june 2013.Later I found that they were breeding in near by shallo,covered colony drain.DIESEL WAS PUSHED IN & problem was solved.After that I took leave for 94 days,used to leave my house after break fast in search of dengue mosquitoes & discovered dengue mosquitoes at several places.I was also able to detect the breeding site with some devotion of time & application of mind. My strategy to look for aedes mosquito 1st & then for the site of breeding helped in in easy detection of all hidden sites of breeding& complete elimination of aedes mosquitoes from that site more  

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Good info more  
Also take care when you enter your house take a look of your bottom half if some mosquito is there or it will enter your house with you to do all the damage. Keep dryness around, no water storage in open it will be an invitation. Most people avoid but mosquito net is also a good choice more  
Very useful information. Thank you soo much. more  
Lack of monitoring agency whether government or NGO is responsible for sorry state of affairs. All dengu cases should be historically analysed so that people are aware about threat perception in their area. RWAs should be asked to educate the residents and join in containing the menace. Awareness and prevention is the key to protect the citizen of Delhi. more  
It is our responsibility to check our nearby places and we people are so busy with our daily routine that we don't see what is happening in our nearby places.

How many people visit his/her top floor or terrace, you will always find some empty bottle or container over there. I know these mosquitoes don't fly that high but there is no harm in checking if there is any sign of stored water.

I am a Dengue victim myself, I know the pain and trauma. more  
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