Dear Members,

I am looking for your valuable feedback for my teeth issue.

I am 50 years old. I have 5 teeth extracted doctor suggested to go for either bridge or implant. Which option is better?

I am aware of that the implants or costly and takes 4 months for treatment, with bone operation etc.

Regarding bridge it is hygienic?, no bad breathe, and long lasting (Doctor said it is good for 5 to 6 years)

Please provide your valuable feedback.

Thanks in advance
Arun more  

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सब से सस्ता और अच्छा एक व्यकती गुजरात से है । , जिस से मैने अभी अभी दांत बन्वाये है । , आप भी फ़ायदा उठा सक्ते है । , ओइल पुल्लिग से काफ़ि फ़ाय्दा होगा , मोबा. : ९३७७७०२२६४ , ९३७६०४१४२४ more  
Go for implants. You see the other teeth have also become weak and if you put a bridge the load of these teach come on the other weak teach and in a short time they themselves break. But they would not break if they are not overloaded. I am speaking from personal experience. I put the bridge on both sides of the molar and lost two more teeth. I have gone for implants and an very happy. SO do not put a bridge as you are likely to lose more teeth and the experience of losing partly healthy teeth because of overload is not very good, since they break from above the root and it takes an operation to dig out the root. I again repeat please do not put the bridge under any circumstances. If you can afford the implant put it, if not just manage. more  
Thank you very much Ramesh. I will go for Implants. more  
A very big thank you to Dr. Gaurav Goel for an excellent analysis, with precision and accurate explanations, but in simple expressions. more  
Thanks a lot Dr. Gaurav Ji. I live in Bangalore and making assessment to decide what is good option to go for treatment of my five teeth. Your inputs gives more insight and helpful. Regards Arun more  
Mr Arun Kumar, here are the answwers to your questions. 1. Bridge will last for 6-10 years. Should we need to do replacement of bridge again after the old bridge are not usable. OR what procedures are recommended. - All materials have a normal wear and tear over time because of chewing forces, brushing, acidic and thermal changes due to foods, etc. After that a new bridge can be placed provided the Abutment teeth ( The teeth on which the bridge is supported by caps) are strong enough to support a new bridge. 2. In case of Implant when (not sure implant longevity) becomes not usable for any reasons, is the similar surgical procedures etc needed? - Implants have shown a success rate of more than 90% at 10 years. The crown over the implant may need to be changed for reason cited above. In case the implant fails, a new implant may be placed depending upon clinical situation or the old implant removed and a bridge can be made. 3. Regarding bridges Does it cause bad breath due to food gets accumulated at the interface between gums and bridge base. Though I keep take care by brushing, rinsing after any food consumption. Do I need to take any special care? - If done properly, that should not be a problem in most cases. 4. The bridges are supported by capped healthy natural teeth after cutting/filing off the top layer. Does these natural teeth gets decayed, at the bottom due to food particles deposits. And this needs replacement. - If planned and executed well, this should not be a problem in most cases. It usually ocuurs when the crown margins are not fitting perfectly with the natural teeth leaving some space for food to get entrapped. Once food entrapment occurs, the bridge is bound to fail sooner or later. (Thats where clinicians skill and lab support is important and what makes the difference between a cheaper and a coslier dentist) 5. In case of implants. Is there any risk infection, since the duration of treatment is long, Though we keep eating antibiotics and better clinical environment. Can not guarantee. Alos post implant what is risk in develoing infection in percentage? - Antibiotics are usually not required for long period, just need them for 5-7 days at the time of implant placement. Normal brushing, flossing and regular checkup suffices in most cases. The chances of infection are usually low. As i said, 90% success at 10 yrs. 6. In Implants, will there bad breathe? - Shouldnt be a problem in most cases. more  
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