Damage to nerves at L4,L5.

I had lumbar spondylosis for which I underwent traction with complete relief seven years ago. Last year I experienced burning sensation. In the soles of the feet and along the lower legs as I laid down to sleep. The Ortho examination and MRI showed dehydration of the discs. But as I was not otherwise handicapped in the use of the limb he advised me to live with it. He prescribed Reserve a vitamin supplement to be taken. A nerve conductivity test showed damage to nerves at. L4 and L5. The condition appears to be worsening. Can some suggest some home remedies? Thanks. more  

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Normally allopathy suggests surgery. If you have patience please visit Neelaipet or Neelapalli 30 km away where one Ganganna treats for this type of ailments which is in country method. However his son also visits Hyderabad on every alternate Friday to the house of Ex MLA 4th line, Begumpet where he treats and collect only Rs.400/-. You have to go there with 5 to 6 one rupee coins. He will apply Tailam, fix one rupee coins on the respective pressure points and fix plaster over the same. The patient should attend all natural works and follow the some exercises and should not have bath for 7 days. After 14 days he has to go him again and he will again follow the same proceedure. It may likely go to 3 times by then it will be cured. On Friday, August 5, 2016 5:46 PM, Ram Muthukrishnan wrote: more  
I agree Yog and Pranayam are penecea to most of the illnesses more  
I completely agree with Mr. SUBBA RAO. I am practcing same for last year or so and my pain for last 12 years has subsided a lot. I know I need to continue Yoga for rest of my life. No escape. So plesae please start Yogasana and Pranayam under some supervision more  
Please start Yoga & Pranayam twice a day under expert guidance. You will not need any medicine. more  
Dear Mr. Ram Muthukrishnan: I had Grade 4 lumbago & cervical spondolysis in late 20's (my age). I was advised waist belt, neck belt, and heeled shoes and not to do heavy work, front or back bending etc, etc. I could not afford that luxury as I could not leave the employment and had to be working for various reasons of course. I however was a yoga practitioner from my child hood and quiet thorough at yoga. Hence that never bothered me in real terms, as it would normally have. I had rigorous practice later at the ashram of Dhirendra Brahmachari in Delhi. All the same I never left yoga in totality and have been doing them and never had the need to consult any doc for this problem. I had been teaching yoga in my society and had been having heavy work outs of two to two and half hours daily for nearly 6-7 years in the recent past. Recently there was a health camp held in our society and I had free check up done for a "normal and routine complaint" of lumbar ache and had given the whole history. A specialist was sent and after due check ups some tractions were given at home and physio had been giving some exercises for just 15 days. Before that when Xray was taken there were two L5 bones completely protruding and the doc was completely stunned that how I could be so versatile and doing all more than normal living without any supports and or medication. That was a shock to me as well. To cut the long story short and coming straight to the point, that even such a lethal problem was, "UNKNOWINGLY" under complete control, purely because of yoga. Get some physio do the tests and practice exercises. Dot lot and lot of pranayam (all kinds - begin with short durations and then keep extending as your body gets acclamatized and used to these. All nerves, veins, muscles, bones, flesh have all got to be relaxed and this has to be a process. If you in desire to recover fast do more than what you can and should could be dangerous as well. Please please please take care and do systematicall, as per advise and be regular and take this as religious dictat and I confident you would recover very fast. All the best sir. more  
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