Daikin refusing to replace damaged AC

I purchased a Daikin AC from amazon and I found it defective after a month. I contacted Daikin regarding this and they said there was no damage at first. Finally they offered me repair but I refused and asked for replacement because it was their fault for sending me a defective product and also because a repaired product is not of the same quality as a new product. I am now asking for a refund because Daikin has lied to me and is trying to save money by repairing my AC and has wasted my time.
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I have purchased this AC from Amazon on 19th May 2019. The installation was provided by Daikin and during the installation we asked them to check the product for damages so that we would send them back if there were any damages. They said that there was no damage.
On 23rd June I opened the AC to clean the air filters. Then I observed that the evaporator fins were damaged. I immediately notified Daikin about this defect. They asked me to send pictures on whatsapp and then after I sent them they called me and said that it was not damaged. They said that it was normal and almost all AC have fins bent like this. They diagnosed this without sending a technician to check the problem based on few photos sent on Whatsapp.
I requested them to visit and check the AC and they took more than a week to send their technicians. I told them about the defects in the AC:
1. The evaporator fins were damaged.
2. The copper pipes in the indoor unit look new on one side and look corroded on the other side.
3. The front panel door was not closing properly.
4. The AC made a clicking sound when swing is turned on.
At first they denied that it was damaged. They told that it was part of design but finally they told me that a replacement unit might be sent from Haryana.
Later I called them to know the status of the complaint. They connected me to their service centre and that person started arguing with me that it was not a defect and that they would not offer me a replacement unit. They offered me a repair of the unit. I refused the repair and asked for replacement as it was manufacturing defect. I called them almost everyday and they would deny the damage.
One day they asked me to go to their showroom and check that almost all units have fins bent like that. I went to my nearest dealer and asked him if the damage was normal by showing pictures of my AC. He immediately told that this was damage and that it was unacceptable for a new AC to be like that.
This means that Daikin has knowingly sold me the damaged AC and their service centre has been lying to me that damage was normal.
After few days I talked to their Area service manager and he denied the damage too. So, I asked him to check the AC again and I sent more photos of the AC showing the corrosion. It was only then that they accepted the fact that it was defective. So, even though their technicians visited they didn't check the AC properly and didn't report the defects it had. I had to send them pictures again to make them understand. But they still offered me a repair only.

I am against repair of the unit because it is manufacturing defect and because I paid for a new AC without any defects. If I accept the repair then I would have paid full amount to buy a damaged AC and get it repaired. This would be a refurbished product then. Also, a repaired unit isn't of the same standards and quality as that of a new unit.
I also asked amazon about this and they said that their return policy was only for 10 days.
I am now tired of these unethical practices of Daikin and I want a refund of my money. I am not satisfied with their defective product and also their service. more  

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i too had a very bad experience from Daikin guys, in Hyderabad.... :( I had indoor unit malfunction & they insited & tried to teach me electricals ( I am an EE engg!) saying that the issue is due to voltage surge, This is even with a voltage stabilizer though Daikin claims this is NOT necessary for this model.
Had to do bitter 3 months fight for them to fix this without cost. I had to escalate to its MD, then they started to act negotiated for price from INR 10,000 to 3000!
They are adamant, responsive, irresponsible.
Have patience & don't loose on them... more  
They too tried to teach me mechanical engineering saying that evaporator fins don't help in cooling the air. I'm going to the consumer forum if they won't refund my money. more  
TARUN BABU,please take guidance from the NATIONAL HELP LINE FOR THE CONSUMERS 1600 11 4000to get relief.Meanwhile file a GD with the POLICE STATION and send the acknowledged copy to the MANAGING DIRECTOR OF DAIKIN both JAPAN AND INDIA.We are sure some solution will be found.You have to be methodical,preserve all docs.,get all conversation between you and the DEALER/on line service provider hard copied through the POLICE.BN DAS more  
Dear Mr. Tarun,
Companies in India are cheating the cutomers blatantly, your complaint is quite justified. I support you and assure you that we shall boycott such companies who do not care to address genuine compaint of their customers. Besides all members of my Assn. support your cause fully.

On Monday, 15 July, 2019, 08:24:19 pm IST, Tarun Kumar Reddy <connect@localcircles.info> wrote: more  
From personal experience, I feel it is better to buy to buy AC, Frigs etc, i.e High Value consumer durables from shops you know. You can then call them up and they work for you. When you buy from Amazon or Flipcart, you are dealing through a Cloud and you will get short changed. more  
Partly correct reply. Avoid buying from any SHOP, or Retai shop.

Buy only from authorised sales and service dealer. Of course after checking his service quality etc.

All retail shops do bulk purchasing. They do VOLUNE SALES ONLY. Not bothered about customers after sales problems. By volume game they make huge profits.

While a sales and service dealer buys limited quantities- price WILL BE HIGH- SERVICE ETC WILL BE GOOD- BECAUSE THEY DEOEBD ON AMC INCOME- not sales profit. They know if the service is not good they make a loss!



Sorry if I have hurt anyone. more  
Fight in consumer court more  
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