Careless people and Govt most polluted city

Here’s why we are the worlds most polluted city. We don’t care. It shows in how little we compost. If we and or our govt did, this massive landfill fire would not have happened. Everyone see attached and suggest what can we do to stop the next one. We as well as our lame administrators more  

Agree with Mr. Stephen, that the methane that went up in flames could have been harnessed as fuel. Start at source, by segregating and composting, or converting into fuel. Oil as energy source is required in such great quantities that India imports 80% of her requirement, so we can simply convert used edible oil, through a scientific process known as transesterification, into biodiesel. Edible oil too is mostly imported, which therefore makes sense. Example given above, just illustrative, insofar as there remains ample scope in what goes into landfills. Is Delhi optimally utilising all available resources. Landfills especially those burning from innate fuels show more can be done! more  
At least I see no finger pointing at one party but a call for self introspection. Yes, I have seen the way the garbage piles are growing (especially with Fast Food's adding their share). If people don't control their eating habits, I foresee two distinct possibilities. First: More fire accidents - gas burns...the garbage IN which comes out in form of gas - flatulence could immediately catch fire if a person is near fire source. Secondly, each of the landfills: First Ghazipur and now Bhalaswa fire... people will soon have a fiery mountain in their own backyard. I'm sure hordes of people would flock around for a Selfie. I'm sure there would be good knowledgeable minds in the circle. Besides the landfill dumps, should it not be wetted regularly to ensure that dry waste don't become a fodder for fuel? We are wasting the waste without getting proper mileage of fuel from it. The methane which went up in flames on these mountains could have been harnessed No? more  
While the intent of self-regulation is praiseworthy, shaming households with little information does no good. Delhi which is anyway reeling under the pressure of mounting population density has almost no place to compost, let alone at home. To successfully turn the waste into compost, anaerobic, aerobic, or vermicompost method can be used. Looks good on paper, until one tries to turn waste to compost. If you try the aerobic composting, your neighbours will compliant of the foul smell coming from your home at all times since air is introduced to help break down materials quickly and the collect needs to be turned every few days. Anaerobic composting stinks even worsened can produce significant amounts of methane which is highly combustible. This is what happened in the landfill you see in this video. and it takes over 6 months for garbage to turn to compost. just imagine the amount of anaerobic compost containers you will need for that 6-month cycle. So of course the answer should be vermicompost. After all, who doesn't like those red earthworms invading your home everywhere. And they are a fit for an urban Delhi household that doesn't use dairy, meat or any oil, as adding that may kill the worms. If one needs to advocate self-composting, it can only be done at an RWA level and upwards. And even for that to be successful, regular and frequent garbage collection &/or droppings from home is required. Only this that us we as individuals can, should, and must do is segregate our garbage so that those who are experts and are assigned the task of breaking down the garbage to compost, can do their jobs faster. Everything else is virtue signalling! more  
like Mr Jain put, its easier said then done.... let aside the less knowledgeable, people can be seen throwing garbage in the streets despite MCD running garbage collection trucks..... more  
Govt and public both need to behave responsibly, the tragedy is we blame each other rather than acting on it??? more  
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