Crackers not cause of pollution

A lot of fire crackers were used in south Delhi yesterday but no smog. Clear sky with sunshine. It clearly indicates stubble burning and metrological factors play a major role in post Diwali haze every year and its not crackers more  

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Sumanth Chantala Ji, when it comes to religion: pollution, weather etc.goes out of the head and mind of one and all as you could have perhaps perceived from the responses. Delhi-ites are a divided lot - just as America is a land of opportunists...Delhi too has many mix races. You could see from the ladies who gathered at the Yamuna and other ghats for Chath.But whether it is people of UP or Bihar in Delhi or Gujarati's in Delhi - when it comes to Hindutva card played by either AAP or BJP - it directly strikes their mind making it blank to reasoning. more  
I work as a faculty in Environmental Engineering and I teach air pollution to students. So based on my experience, i want to communicate few important points to the members. There are two things you should understand. firstly, the weather conditions and secondly the number of sources of air pollutants we release. when weather conditions are favourable, you will have less pollution even though you release more pollutants. On the other hand when the weather conditions are not favourable, you may see more pollutants even when you emit less. Let me explain in detail. 1. The meteorology (wind speeds and directions) etc will play a major role in the formation of smog and other challenges. This time the wind speeds are better due to some rare reasons. The cyclone formed in bay of bengal has helped the movement of winds in delhi and as a result the pollution is slightly less . It does not mean that the pollution is less even after bursting crackers. Please check the following link to understand the issue. Secondly, we have to admit that we are breathing toxic air through out the year for most of the time. At this stage, all the delhites should reduce the air pollution sources. when we are unable to tackle the existing sources, encouraging crackers may not be a good idea. If delhites want to enjoy crackers on diwali, then 1. they should ensure that all the other sources (vehicles etc) are completely under control 2. we should have favourable weather conditions If any of these conditions are not met, then the problem will remain in the coming years Thankyou for your time more  
Mr. Harish Randhawa Ji...I agree with you. Delhi doesn't have its own weather. It has effect of the nearby States during summer, winter, spring etc. seasons. Every time during any festival there is ban in Delhi but not in other States. more  
You are absolutely right. A detail study was conducted by IIT Kanpur and they confirmed this. more  
Complete agree. The pollution is ashram work which is going on for past 5 years before underpass now flyover. Jam causes cars n other vehicles to be still for almost 10 minutes in three intervals and this is one example in Delhi n there are multiple places where this is routine. Now other problem is the person who is getting late has to recover the time as train, plane n death won't wait n we have super cops as well as cameras to capture. Dont we have policy that the contractor who delays pays 25 rs for the car which moves from there twice n 15 to bikers as compensation why should government take penalties n not the sufferers. Fast tag can be used to take money why not for giving money as a penalty to sufferers more  
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