Covid GST rate reduction

Attached items will have gst rate reduction. That means these existing products would have to be sold at lower MRPs and hence if anyone sells the product to you at old mrp pre June 12, you post their receipt and package mrp here and anti profiteering authority can book them.

So when u go to buy these things take the attached with you and make sure u are getting the gst discount more  

GST on Ambulance services has been kept at 12%. Do the government think that on falling sick, that too infected with Covid19, ambulance is needed to reach to hospitals for medical aids only by rich people? People with no financial background can be left to die at their homes considering they were born with such an ill fate ? Moreover, it is beyond any body's guess as to why the government wants to earn revenue even on the Pandemic related medicines and life saving aids! After introduction of GST, the government has inflicted its Tax on each and every essential commodities and services but its increased financial capacity is not visible. The days may not be far away when it will start charging GST on natural air and peoples' day to day activities, which may be a matter of time only. It is high time now for the government to consider these issues fully on humanitarian ground. more  
Both Mr. Rana and Mr. Hari are right in their statements. The consumer will never get the benefit. If a shopkeeper has paid higher GST, he will sell it at that price no matter what. When we buy the products we are not shown the GST amount so where is the fairness in this. The government is doing Adharma by taxing certain medicines and other medical equipment at such high prices. They will be held accountable because they are greed driven. When the government has less money then why is it building the VISTA complex right now? Why not wait until things settle down and use that money for covid and other essential items. I have a maid who is a cancer survivor, however, she needs a colostomy bag for her everyday needs otherwise she will die. Yesterday, she bought 2 bags for Rs.1520/-. In total she requires 4 to 5 bags a month! How can a poor person afford this? What is the remedy for such patients? Should the government not see to such persons and help them out. more  
The reduction is taxes is upto 30/0921 only. The patients will buy these items on the printed prices. The reduction will not be applicable on items lying at the retail ends. Ms. Garima, if am not wrong, you had displayed few weeks back the prices of vaccines in the foreign countries at the price ranging from 2-3.5$. But no CM could procure the same at these prices. Many companies are offering the same @ Rs.950/- to Rs.1450/- per doze. Even the high profile CMs had to bite the dust. Please check from the source of your info whether the prices mentioned by you were imaginary or genuine ones. more  
I think a proportionate reduction of prices due to GST reduction is a fools dream. This has never happened before. They will hike up some component of the price ane hive you a small relief. Even the center does that. See what happened when crude prices dropped, even though the government said the srices were market driven. more  
The petroleum products prices are market
driven but the VAT/ED are greed driven.
Punjab is charging cess over n above
VAT. No CM/FM talks about reduction in
these taxes while talking about reduction in
GST on covid items which are of very small
value. The politicians don't want to curtail
cost of governance/wasteful expenditure
but instead jacking-up taxes to meet ever
increasing expenditure. more  
These are yet "recommendations", not the final tenet. more  
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