I am not able to understand the need for Coaching classes as it exists today in our Country's horizon. Some like Byju's classes employ film stars by paying millions, advertise on all Television channels, organise multicrore events. Where does money for all these come from?. After all they are hefty fees paid by the parents.

Where is the level playing field then. The concept of coaching classes as I see it, is that if you have money, then you can buy intelligence and probably a seat in an ever competive University or College!!. Where is the level playing field then?. Coaching classes are business minded people whose sole motive is to make money.

Coaching classes are relevant if some students below a basic level of intelligence are brought on par so that they are able to take stock of their life and progress. It must happen in small scale and naturally. But what we see is a brinkmanship, a case of over-riding of the rich over the poor. Just to assuage their fear and a feeling they they must not let down their children when it comes to education, parents are forced to shell out a fortune to admit them in coaching classes. Some things are happening wrong in our society and there is nobody to correct them. In my opinion, there must be a ban of exploiting Education and Health for business purposes. These must be provided by a welfare State free. Some things are topsy-turvy in our Country and nobody is even attempting to correct these. more  

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If the teachers in school teach exhaustively there's no need of coaching classes. However some teachers are not allowed to even if they want to and some don't teach and are busy with school politics or election work as are the teachers of government schools in Odisha. more  
If teachers take the extra effort to teach the students in schools and colleges properly, then most of these coaching classes would not be required. The admissions could be based on school and college marks and small interview. The syllabus as such looks fine. For example, if you take science, the syllabus is ok. But when teachers do not have the knowledge or do not take the effort to explain in an understandable manner to the students, the students do not have much choice. And of course the parents are as much to blame for having unimaginable expectations and putting undue pressure on the wards. more  
I fully agree with you and want to add that these coaching classes are nothing else except TEEN AGERS CLUB . It is really shameful that even after 75 years of so called independence our education system is still slave of MAIKAALE and teachers are taking salary in schools/colleges but giving education in coaching classes only and that too only to selected cream students . more  
I Full 💯 agree with you sir. more  
It is shameful that our education system is linked to entrance examinations for entering into universities. The entrance exam for IITs asks for questions which are beyond the curriculum of boards. And the professors who set up the papers are proud of it. All state boards have different curriculum. There should be a single board and entrance aught to be based on board exams only. This will remove all the undesirable middlemen in the system. As regards endorsements by film stars and cricketers, isnt it surprising that the people who are mostly semieducated are brought in to attract customers? What do they know about the matters of education? And who puts them up on pedastals? We the people! Its a fools paradise!!! more  
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