CBSE School Fee Disclosure - Delhi

After LocalCircles polls in October and your demand for transparency in school fee increases and structures, CBSE had issued directives that schools share their fee structures with CBSE and disclose them on the website.

In a recent LocalCircles poll, on average 63% parents across 9 major cities said that their school had not published fee structure on website. The number was 71% for Delhi. Below is one of the media reports and LocalCircles report.

LocalCircles is continuing to pursue the matter with CBSE and Dept of School Education, MHRD. If you have inputs on the same for them or in context of Delhi schools, you may share. more  

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All school should be considered as them self as non profit organisation. Main objective should be to produce good human beings. Main motive is to give all round education and good moral values. more  
Sub-FIT CASE OF DE-RECOGNITION OF DPS SOCIETY and that it(dps,society) needs to be taken over by a committee led by education Minister,Delhi+cbse Delhi---- VIOLATIONS@DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL R.K. PURAM, SECTOR-12(refer to my—it provides additional information’s on rampant violations) (1) Running of coaching classes (IIT + Medical Coaching Classes) and Private Tuitions (by a few selected teachers) is still rampant at the above mentioned school premises. These classes are most often taken by non B.Ed teacher’s- which is a total violation of Bye-Laws of CBSE + DOE (DSEAR-73) at both-at dps,rkp+Mathura road school. …..Annexture A (2)CBSE Affiliation 14-B-a by laws do not allow commercial activity including commercial Tuitions/ Coaching classes inside school premises at all………`s in everybody’s knowledge (3)In 10th Standard there are 13-sections In 11th Standard there are 24 sections In 12th Standard there are 24 sections Again this is a clear violation of CBSE Affiliation by laws… needs immediate inspection (4)Lots of additional class-rooms have been added up by DPS Society @ DPS, R.K. Puram in violation of above mentioned rules….that it needs immediate inspection 3-4 Temporary Class room are made of highly inflammable/Combustible products: In particulars PC-01, 02, 03 & OAT (Open Air Theatre) Classrooms. Porta cabins do not suit students at all-yet they are used in contravention of established rules. In play ground 2-3 such porta-cabin exist & are used as class-rooms in total violation of rules… ……..that it needs immediate inspection (5)Junior Library, Music Class, Electronics Labs etc are in basement of school-endangering life of Kids & school staffs. This amounts to gross-violation of DSEAR-73 + CBSE-Affiliation by laws. … Needs immediate inspection (6)Accounts office, Estate Office, Electrical Engineers office, Civil Engineers Office, Teacher’s Staff Hostel Mess, Hostel Store, Hostel Office are in Basement-Endangering Life of one and all. Fee section room is also in an unauthorized constructed room.Building by laws 16.3.4 and have been totally broken….needs immediate/thorough inspection (7)D-block has a single stair case Health block also has a single stair case CB block also has a single stair case F- Block-Third floor onwards has single stair case HS-101, 102, 103, 104 have a single narrow stair case…… needs immediate/quick inspection (8)All CBSE affiliation by law and DSEAR-73 Building by laws, perpetual lease agreements have been broken at every step by DPS, RKP & DPS society. ….. That it needs immediate inspection (9)Following class-room sizes are not as per specification of affiliation bye-laws: CB-01, 02, 03, 04, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206- these are either Triangular/ Irregular shaped & does not fall/categorize in CBSE Bye Laws at all. HS-01,02,03, OAT HB-01, 101, 102, 201, 202 PC-01,02 None of them are as per specifications as laid down in affiliation Bye-Laws of CBSE or DOE….. Needs immediate and impartial inspection (10)Health-Block at DPS, R.K.Puram was not meant for classes at all: It was meant for health facilities of children. However, in violation of Land-Lease Agreement’s it has been converted into class-rooms in all floors-including basement classrooms. This is a total and a blatant violation….needs immediate/prompt inspection (11)Lots of rooms in Hostel blocks have also been converted into class rooms, in particular (the ones that are in my knowledge) are: HS-01, 02, 03 HSB-01, 02, 101, 102, 103, 104 This obviously is a violation as envisaged by Regulatory Authorities; Guide Lines in particular “Perpetual Lease Agreement” has been violated totally. (11)HSB-01, 02 classrooms…..A blatant violation. Are in basement of school building…… that it needs immediate and impartial inspection. (12)Ice-cream vendors/sellers, juice sellers, Janta Book Depot (Book-Sellers), other stationary stores Big Uniform Shops, Student’s Gallery shops-are all business/commercial activities allowed by DPS management, within school premises. These shops exist to Loot/cheat gullible parents/students. They have been given total free hand to sell products (of all sorts) at their own rates- it is indeed a violation of “Governments Perpetual Lease Agreement”. ……..Annexure B (13)As per CBSE Affiliation by Law every School should organize at least 6 days of full-time Training Program to its entire teaching staff at least once in 3 years: This adherence is not done at all in any of the DPS Mgmt run schools-till date… ….…needs immediate inspection (14)Annual report of schools (containing all information’s & its uploading) etc are not uploaded on/before 15th of September by DPS School at all, in particular DPS, R.K. Puram + Mathura Road. So, this is Fit case of violation of “Affiliation/Recognition” bye laws……. needs immediate and quick inspection (15)Lots of Adhoc –staffs are kept on Consolidated Salary/ad-hoc-basis etc.NO DA + other allowances are given to these poor souls/employees- “exploitation to the core” & a total violation of DSEAR-73. Ex:Jitender, Vinod, Dushyant, Managar Giri, Rakesh, Seema Prasad, Sunil Sharma, Shweta Asthana, Neelam. An enquiry needs to be set up @ earliest by DOE-CBSE-Official…….. needs immediate inspection (16)In service books/files- records/ entries on regular basis are not maintained as per norms/rules signatures of employees are not taken during entrees………..that it needs immediate inspection (17)Staffs most often are not issued confirmation letters even after 10-11 years of work/services. Ex. Raj Kumar, Kusum, Sunil Sharma…….. needs immediate inspection (18)As per wishes/whims of DPS/ Mgmt some staffs are given all facilities while some are given contractual appointment only. Continuations even after retirements are in clear violation of CBSE bye-laws --Ex. D.R. Saini-even after retirement full facilities were given free food, electricity and all facilities. Sushma Suneja, Meena Dhami, Shobha Mehta, Satish Arora, D.K. Garg, Ram Chawan, Mr. Dapat etc were given continuation (after retirement). Total protection some other minor staff were done with paltry amount of Rs.10,000/- Per Month (After retirement)……. This also needs immediate and impartial inspection (19)Rs.15,000-20,000/- are charged for issuing recommendation letters for students who wish/wishes to apply for foreign Universities. Such acts need to be audited/scooped out immediately by DOE-CBSE team of experts/investigators. …Annexture C(Needs immediate inspection as well) (20)NCC/NSS/Scouts & Guides service are totally missing in DPS, mgmt run schools- it’s a case of gross violation of Affiliation bye-laws………that it needs immediate inspection (21)A clear case of Nepotism:- K.J. Sharma’s daughter into Library D.K. Garg’s into School Ms. Jyoti Baxshi’s daughter Upansa Baxi is in Jr. School -at times even Non-B.Ed teachers (Upasana Baxi) are also recruited in violation of established by-laws…. needs immediate inspection (22)Hostel at DPS-R.K.Puram –Mathura road are Operating without necessary Liceneses {from Food, Safety Licensing Authorities of GNCT,Delhi} …Annexture D (23)DJB/CGWB/CGWA-Violations Rain water harvesting bye-laws @ DPS R.K. Puram Mathura Road both have been violated. It is to be noted that DPS, R.K.P. falls in notified zones for water scarcity. … …Annexture E (24)NGT, DPCC, DCF-by Laws being flouted:- too many well-gown trees (inside school premises) are dead/in the verge of death due to rampant construction / concretizations in and around those trees. …….Annexture F (25)MOUD, L& DO-needs to take note: All basic land Lease agreements have been broken…….. needs immediate inspection 26.Hon’ble President of India allotted land to DPS, R.K.P. on 23.01.1970 (property ID: 35445). A signed perpetual Lease Agreement clearly states that only caretaker/chowkider’s accommodation is allowed. However Principal’s accommodation exist both DPS R.K.P. +M. Rd (which is inside school-in violation of these Agreements)……. needs immediate inspection (27)3-BIG PLAY GROUNDS ARE RENTED (DPS R.K.P)on a regular basis to Diplomats /Corporate etc. esp. on Fridays/Sat/ sun-in violation of DOE-CBSE by Laws and also in violation of Land Lease Agreements.Commercial use of space is rampant… ……..needs immediate inspection (28)3 SWIMMING POOLS ARE ALSO RENTED out at times to these (Above mentioned) people purely for commercial reasons/ purposes…….. Needs immediate inspection as it’s a case of financial bungling. (29)GYM (a big ONE) IS OFTEN RENTED : Commercially to Diplomats/Corporate/Private parties to make money .Similarly Basket Ball Courts etc at times are also rented out by DPS, Mgmt (in violation of all rules)... needs immediate and thorough inspection VIOLATION OF BYE-LAWS @ DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, MATHURA ROAD (—they provide additional information’s on major violations of DSEAR-73+CBSE bye laws violations) 1.That one “Lakharwala Tomb” (a protected movement of ASI, as per Ancient Monument Protection/Preservation Act has principal’s residence within 30-40m-that is totally illegal .As per existing ASI laws-no structures should exist within 100m of that monument. That too much constructions/ renovation had taken place in and around “Lakharwala Tomb”- This is a very serious violation & competent Authority (@ASI) have given clean chit to DPS, Society knowing fully well its implications. They had given clean chit to DPS, Society. Lots of photographs & documentary evidences had been provided to ASI & it is obvious that ASI by passed/ circumvented all its bye-laws to oblige DPS, society. The clean chits given to DPS, M. Rd are in contravention of Basic Laws of ASI. ………….Annexure G 2.Land lease Agreement does not allow Principal bungalow inside DPS, Management run premises (both of DPS-RKP+M. Rd.) -yet for reasons best known to DPS Society- they manage to break all laws of the land (CBSE bye laws in particular)… needs immediate inspection 3. Several Porta-cabins @ GF-at senior school of DPS, M.Rd are utilized for classes in violation of “Affiliation by Laws of CBSE”… ….…needs immediate and quick inspection 4. At junior school (of DPs- M.Rd.) some top floor classes (nearby 3-4 class rooms) in Porta-cabins are still used-which has no legal validity/sanction at all. Added to it top floor classes can be dangerous/unsafe for small kids. It is a careless attitude on the part of DPS, Mgmt run schools... needs immediate inspection 5.Rampant renovations/construction have taken place in and around (illegal) bungalow of principal @ DPS Mathura Rd.-that too within 30-40metres of it- Violation of ASI bye-laws. …..….Annexture H (photos) 6.Next to Lawn Tennis courts/adjacent to principal`s bungalow Tent Walas Godown exists from where tent walas perform/do their brisk business in violation of Land Lease Agreements… ….needs immediate inspection 7.Junior kids most often get bullied by Senior kids in DPS/ M.Rd corridors and so extremely low resolution CCTV’s can do nothing/fail in its basic duty. Little kids are very vulnerable to bullying- So high resolution CCTVs are the only way out. ……. needs immediate inspection 8. DURING BUS DUTIES QUALIFIED ATTENDANTS (A clear violation of Supreme Court Orders) are not present in either DPS RKP/M.Rd school buses. Attendants do not have adequate knowledge/training as per S.C. orders …Annexure I 9.Too many Exit Gates have been constructed at DPS M.Rd +DPS R.K.Puram in violation of Traffic Bye-laws of Delhi Police (and other L & DO norms of Ministry of Urban Dev).needs immediate inspection 10. 3-4 GATES INSIDE SCHOOL (AT DPS M.RD) are kept locked inside school premises itself to hinder smooth movement of kids/staffs and all others. This is a clear violation of Fire bye laws and NDMA, MCD-bye laws…..that this needs immediate and quick inspection 11.MANY BORING MACHINES/PUMPS TO EXTRACT ground water have been installed in all DPS, Mgmt run schools- in particular at DPS, RKP + M Rd. “water harvesting” bye laws have been openly flouted…. ….itneeds immediate inspection 12. FOOD SAFETY LAWS/BY -LAWS HAVE BEEN BROKEN at DPS M Rd + RKP both. Food safety licenses used by M.Rd + R.K. Puram under strong question mark. Since these schools don’t adhere to rules at all. It is a serious matter…..Annexure J VIOLATION: DPS SOCIETY`s LODHI COLONY PROPERTY: Location: Behind Dayal Singh College On Nor North : D.S. College : App 850 Sq. Metres. South : Road East : Park & Road West : Govt. Quarters & Park On 16.06.2005 Honorable President of India allotted a land (Above mentioned) to DPS Society New Delhi-65 at East of Kailash Apprx 850 Sq. Meters in size to set up a Nursery school for EWS/Under privileged kid. This Perpetual Lease Agreement had been violated and since then land use had been converted into HRD center (of/for DPS, Society)-Human Res. Dev. Division etc.It had been done in the very initial stages itself, so it is a fit case of an offence done by DPS, Society and so a case must be registered/filed against them since they (DPS, Society) have violated laws/bye-laws..Annexure K VIOLATION@ EAST OF KAILASH PROPERTY OF DPS SOCIETY (HEAD OFF):- Inside DPS(F-block, East of Kailash ,ND-65) premises Lies 24 staff flats-exclusively meant for Delhi Public School Staff (only).However, 6 flats have been taken by DPS Society for Commercial activity (extension of DPS Society to run office etc).This is a complete abuse of power and a total violation of Lease Agreements. Added to it there are several other violations-like BSES (Rajdhani Electricity Power supply)- Commercial/Pvt Rates have been mixed up by DPS society just to mislead BSES power Supplier. Commercial v/s private rates have been mixed up to mislead BSES…. It needs immediate inspection In totality these 6 flats cannot be used by DPS society at all-as it is a violation of “Perpetual Lease Agreements”… which needs immediate inspection VIOLATIONS@DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Vasant Vihar,ND-57 Many Illegal Appointments in violation of rules- One Ms.Nudrat Salim Akhtar has been appointed without B.Ed/NTT degrees.Yet another journalist Ms.Upasana Baxi (daughter of a DPS,Teacher Ms.Jyoti Baxi)had been appointed without basic pre-requisites of DSEAR-73.This kind of appointments are randomly done on a regular basis at DPS,society run schools….. Needs immediate & thorough inspection VIOLATIONS DURING COMMON WEALTH GAMES 2010@DPS,RKP (extremely large scale bunglings): That fact finding chairman Sh.V.K.Sunglu indicted D.R.Saini(Ex-principal,DPS,RKP,now a DPS society member as Sports Director)during CWG-2010 findings of misappropriation of several crores of rupees in making of Lawn Bowl@DPS,RKP grounds(a private property)-but the same gentleman finds nothing wrong in Dr.Daulat Ram Saini Sahib`s misappropriations,since V.K.Sunglu ji became chairman of DPS,society later……for more informations please visit my blog- Saini beneficiary of CWG LOOT?The points below are excerpts of HIGH LEVEL COMMITTEE, which clearly says that Dr Saini in connivance with DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL SOCIETY is also Ph.D in looting public money right and left. But he still a Blue eyed boy for HRD Ministry+CBSE+DoE to get National Teacher Award?)…………….Annexture L I only hope all these matters will be looked into seriously with a thorough impartial investigation team by DOE+CBSE working in tandem. I therefore request upright GNCT,Delhi Govt+ upright CBSE officers to cover/investigate whole range of my complaints with an open mind. Jai Hind. Sincerely, RANAJIT ROY-Ex Stephenian (M.Sc Physics) K-2078, C.R.Park, ND-110019 Tel—9871996444//01126272546 more  
Guidelines need to be issued to Delhi schools to reduce the weight of school bags. Small Kids are being made to carry heavy loads of school books, thus impacting their growth / development & overall health. more  
Local circle should see that the quality of infrastructure and education in Government School is substantially improved. As at present the fee structure is based upon supply and demand situation. There was a time when admission in Government School was much sought after. What happened now? H.K. Agarwal 08826430489 On Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 7:00 AM, LocalCircles Manager <> wrote: > more  
The Dte of Education directed the Pvt. Schools to reduce fee and schools reduced a fraction just like a tip of iceberg & reported as complied to Dte. Now what if they befool the Dt of Edu & adoptwho cares attitude. Is Dte a toothless or has some Power? more  
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