Care for your GUT

80% of your immune system lives in your gut and most of your lymph does too. That's no accident. That's by design.

Your intestine is under threat constantly by bacteria, virus , fungus, sugar , refined oils( omega 6) , food allergens, pesticides ,additives & other inflammatory foods .

Stressed gut want to store fat , THE BELLY FAT .

Relieve stress from your GUT.

Calories cutting is just a low quality tool. more  

In continuation to the post of date, bactetia due to acvumulated waste in stomach, leading to constipation itching in annal area and passing blood with stools due to formation of heard conting on annal walls, resulting in stree in brain clot, eye, heart and kidney malfunctioning. Few home remidial suggestins. A) two lemon peels and two inch long duly washed ginger. Chop them in small sizes. Boil in 150 ml water. Filter the boiled juice and consume in emoty stomach every day. Drink luke warm water anout 750 ml in empty stomach. Perform eye exercise, and few other yogas to remove acidity and gas by crushing tump nail area for three minutes. Crush both small finger nail area powefully for kidney. Post results in this platform for further suggestions. more  
Uric acid is the main culprit. This to be arrested. Avoid all spicy, deep fried, non veg food. Condume more fiber, leafy vegitables and fruits, which are more digestive. Crush the tump nail area hardly for minimum three minutes day, to releive stress and related four types BPs. more  
Yes, how to relieve stress from the gut? more  
How to relieve stress from the GUT? more  
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