Can anyone in business validate

Gujarat’s textile production to fall by at least 20-25 percent this year, on account of GST and attacks on migrants

Surat’s synthetic cloth production is down from 4 cr to 2.5 cr meters

gems and jewellery exports down by 4.3 percent this year; 50,000 units in Surat and Saurashtra, employing 200,000 workers could down shutters because of the delayed refund of input credits

over 2000 SMEs are on the verge of closure due to the ban on plastics in major Gujarat cities

nearly 5.38 lakh youth were registered as unemployed in Gujarat in December 2017; only 12,689 youth got government jobs over the past two years. Ahmedabad has the highest number, ie, 62,608 unemployed youth registered at the exchange more  

Rightly replied, we people of India want easy money , all security, good infrastructure and many many facility but not want to pay proper taxes !! Blame govt . Since many years.from free we people have given crs &crs as bribe for easy money but now due to present govt. They have brought this bribery to very low level. Second we have very huge population problam too !! The opposition parties don't want to get new laws which will help eredicating of bribery. more  
Sir, what you have narated is true ,but let's not forget those textile or other business houses had habit of doing business without billing or by other means avoiding tax are all making hue n cry since they are all covered under GST.Yes the credits payback are not properly and actively managed is real working problem for industries n business houses no doubt. But just think non of such tax is paid by any business houses, except income tax . Rest all such tax in the name of GST are passed on to their clients. They are collecting from their clients n pay to the govt. Ultimately, it is we the end users have to bear the burden , we as end user customers never made any noise. It is a natural phenomena that any change in system is always resented.
Now coming to the employment n attack on migrants is ofcourse has it's adverse effects on process houses in selected industries. But have you noticed that the kind of offences were not seen in Gujarat ,we witness daily. Narcotics ,loots in trains highways, kidnapping, murders n somany more to list are on increase. Many times ,the culprits roots are attracted upto migrants states. N some locals join hands with such miscreants.

In a free country n democracy any citizen can go anywhere for their livelihood, but they also bring their good n bad cultural habits in other places, same time there is systematic encroachment on locals business,
If you analyse many of the textiles, construction , labour oriented industries where locals have lost their occupancy n they have to loiter without jobs. This is another side of the coin as well.

The provincialism n cast based favouring is the biggest enemy of our country.
The business people may have another view about what you have mentioned. Superficially it may appear that the present change in the regulations have hampered the business ,but in the long run it will be blessings (GST). more  
I am currently in the process of transferring my duties to Mr. Bhavesh. Kindly contact him at or on +91 7574801388 more  
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