Blood Pressure spike & Fever

Dear circle members,
I am experiencing a curious sequence of events since early morning of 22.03.19.
I woke up from sleep with feeling of uneasiness early morning at about 03:30 am. Drinking water and passing urine did not change the uneasiness. I also felt mild pain in left elbow and general weakness.
Checked blood pressure and found it high 155/107. Past history was up to 130 / 90 only and never had any issue with BP. Took 20 mg Telma (medicine being used by wife for high BP). After about 3 hours, BP reduced to 132/94.
However, full day BP remained on higher side range 148-155 / 100-105. It came down only in the night at 10:30 pm to 126/92. No medicines were taken during the day. only BP was monitored every 2 hours.
Next day 23.03.19, BP remained normal 125-132 / 86-92. But developed fever in the night 100.5*F.
On 24.03.19, BP came on lower side 108-118 / 76-84. Fever continued in the range of 99.0-100.2.
Today morning no fever 98.4*F. BP is 118/83.
Now I do not know whether to consult a Cardiologist (doubting Heart Attack on 22nd March) or a General Physician (doubting viral attack).
I am 63 years old, retired, walk everyday for 45 minutes to 60 minutes and also play Badminton for one hour everyday. Not diabetic, do not smoke or drink alcohol. In good health except once or twice fever in a year.
Please share if any of circle member had similar experience.
Also request experts in the circle to throw some light on what may have happened to me in last 3 days.
Thanks. more  

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It is related to stress at back of your mind. We, many times feel that we are stress free, but the thought of fear or uncertainty keeps on releasing signals to brain. Little high BP at the age of 63 is not a issue. Try to relax with friends over a peg, without salty munching. 30 days of Yoga practice should relieve you from anxiety. more  
Your blood pressure might have been increased to increased level of LDL cholesterol or triglycerides in your blood . Confirm it . If cholesterol is high reduce intake of animal fat , if Triglycerides are high , reduce vegetable fats. Second thing you must know that high blood pressure is also the outcome of excess of sodium in blood due to imbalanceof in ratio of sodium amd potassium in blood. So increase the intake of potassium with the consumption of green vegetables and reduce the intake of table salt , replace it by Sendha Namak. Fiver is not associated with blood pressure. Go to a physician and comfirm that whether you need 10 mg or 20 mg. medicine daily to manage bp. more  
It is recommanded to consult specialist doctor AEAP more  
Pl. Consult cardiologist but also go for kidney profile, lipid profile & TSH to reach reliable conclusion.The medicine you are taking regularly for BP is seems to be OK. more  
First step is to take Physician advice only even before any cardiologist. The general advice is not to goto any specialist except Physician. On the advice of the physician only, one should visit any specialist.
It seems, just do what you are doing is right and not required any medicine as it is not too high, based on my experience. My BP also went high 170/100. The reason was I was travelling and food was outside and not restricted salt and Mirchi. I contacted casually an Ayur physician and advised that you follow your old routine and will come to normal. Now after few days of restricted diet and 40 minutes brisk walk of 4-kms, I am fine. My age just below your age.

Reddy more  
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