Black Fungus treatment difficult for poor

Over 11700 mucormycosis cases there now. Just to treat these cases we need 29 lakh plus vials of amphotericin.

Cost per patient is Rs 5 lakh to 15 lakh just for amphotericin

How many can afford?
So far ~2 lakh vials distributed
~10 lakh vials expected in coming month

Only rich will be able to afford this more  

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It is a matter of concern while we are presented the Bill. That too in number followed by 5 zeros. Mr. Padmanabhan did give an alternative. If far cheaper it may be of great help. In such treatments Efiicacy is dificult to ases. Cause Medicine isnt Mathematis.It all depends at what stage it is given how it acts in different individual from which part of the digestive sytem; if the patient is able to respond and tolerate the medicine. India alows many streams of medical practices, and all of them claim success and have their own stories. We cant run down any of them. No doubt Ayurveda and Greek systems dates back to B.C (B.C.E.),the former older to give us the Indians the Pride. Shushruta the father of Surgery and Charaka of Medicine. Ayurveda conformed to the life styles adopted then 3000 tears back. Withe the change in lifestyles, food habits the Treatment modes and medicine changed. All the streams have kept abreast with the changes no doubt the past 50 years. BUT ALLOPATHY SHOT FORWARD SEVERAL STRIDES AHEAD OF OTHER STREAMS AS IT WAS COMMON TO SEVERAL 100's of NATIONS, MOST WIDELY PRACTICED, INFORMATION GLOBALLY EXCHANGED. - I will not say all 100 % are Honest and with medical accumen - BUT I WILL NOT CALL THEM OR DEFINITELY THE SYSTEM STUPID - unless I am totally ignorant and the background of the systems of Medines. But in the light of the Corona wave NOTHING TO BEAT PREVENTION - taking Ayurvedic herbs and medicines (ost are naturopathy foods items, - as the virus takes the route through the Respiratory system(nose, naso pharynx,pharynx ,Lungs)- Sqeeze the dam Virus out of the lungs every day through some breathing practice suggested by HIGHLY QUALIFIED ALLOPATHIC HONEST DOCTORS. more  
CCC dance: One sample: More corona videos: More videos and testimonials: Dancing: (can you imagine dancing like this amidst 1000+ covid patients; when dead bodies (which does not spread covid) are carried by four or five with ppe kits. more  
One of my colleagues' relative had black fungus. He could not get the amphotericin injection. Sio, he shifted to another hospital in Bangalore where they are treating him with Isavuconazole. He is better now. more  
Did not check on the cost. Will try to find out. more  
how is the treatment cost compared to amphotericin? more  
Hope the Govt steps in to save lives and help in the development of affordable health care support. more  
First of all you throw stone on the shit. Then you complain shit has soiled my clothes. This is the principle of modern life style too. If at all you have to unitedly fight against corona, follow the model of Dr.BRC who has treated over 55000 patients without medicine, and with only yoga and food. No Remdesivir, no oxygen cylinders used. He has 1100 bed open-air-CCC at Ahmednagar, started by MLA Nilesh L. People admitted are getting cured in just 3-4 days and leaving the center. What more you want? If at all you people are educated, try to educate people on this. See the videos of Dr.BRC and pass it on to not just your nears and dears, but to everyone. I endorse Swami Ramdev's statement; with reference to corona, Allopathic practices are is stupid. Do you still want to be stupid? Go and throw stone on the shit. more  
Mr. Harichandra, after you have vouched so much for theModel treatmenof BRC kindly share the Videos with us also. more  
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