Beware of urban clap plumbers

I just want to share some bad experiences with urban clap plumbers. The first time i called urban clap for a plumber was for stool not getting flushed down my toilet. A plumber came and flushed away the pot with buckets of water saying that there may be an obstruction to the flow of water. He also said that if the problem persisted he may have to take the toilet seat out which will incur a charge of Rs 600. Since the problem persisted, i called the same plumber to do the needful, but he was not available, so urban clap allotted a different plumber. This plumber quoted a cost of Rs 1200 for the same job. This is actually against the policy of urban clap which says that they will charge by the hour. Ultimately i called a local plumber who found that the problem was never with the toilet seat but there was an obstruction to flow of water from the tank due to scaling. He rectified that thereby solving my problem and saved me from the expenses of urban clap plumbers.
The second incident and a far graver one was when i called urban clap plumbers for low pressure in my pipe. The plumber stated negotiating the price for 3 of my taps and fixed it at Rs 1700. He put a pressure machine on the 3 taps but didn't realise that one of the geysers was on the same line. So when he applied the pressure machine the geyser assembly and tank burst. When i asked him why the geyser was leaking, he said there may be an electrical issue and that i should call an electrician since he does not deal with geysers. When my electrician saw the geyser he confirmed that the tank had burst due to the pressure machine on the line. It cost me Rs 6500 to get the copper tank and geyser assembly repaired. On confronting urban clap with my complaint, one of their senior members offered a mere Rs 1000 as compensation and refused to compensate for the charges incurred in repairing my geyser citing protocol and that they could not afford to compensate fully since they were a start up company.
My confidence in their proffesional's competence and the company accountability stands shaken.!!! more  

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i also feel that the aggregators are faceless and also charge very high service charges in addition to their regular labour charges more  
If you stay in upper floor, the floor below you's drain pipe chock up is the cause. In case you stay in group floor, the entire line chock up is the suspected cause for block. No plumper required to identify these causes. more  
It looks anybody without proper training wants to start working and start earning money.Therefore it becomes necessary to verify credentials and experience of other people. more  
Rightly said, Mr. Sarkar; self help is the best help; probably one may have to repeat the task, a couple of times, to get familiar, with the job on hand; as long as there is no risk involved, we can attempt doing things on our own; as you said, only that we should have the right tools and should get familiar to use the same correctly; these service portals are all rogues, just waiting to fleece us; With so much construction work going around, it has become difficult to get the services of a good technician - be it a plumber/mason/carpenter, or anyone; Thus whenever we approach a guy for his services, either he poses he is too busy or simply quotes an exorbitant amount - fully aware of our desperation; more  
Problem of fleecing a household by technicians is almost a global phenomena. Unfortunately, many of us, although qualified engineers from reputed institutes, do not pay enough attention to our household problems - may be lack of time, may be below our dignity etc. Most of the household problems can be tackled by us. First, educate yourself - there are good number of books available ( often grouped as DIY - Do It Yourself). Second, have requisite tools - even on-line shops like Amazon, FlipCart, Snapdeal, IndiaTimes, eBay, RediffShopping - etc. etc. offers a good no of requisite tools as also toolkits of reputed manufacturers (like BOSCH).Third, take up a few problems - yourself and involve your wife, son, daughter etc. After sometime you and your family would start feeling the joy and pride of DIY. Jerome K. Jerome is one of my favourite Authors. However, I shall urge everyone to enjoy his 'Uncle Podger hangs a picture', but not get carried by its content. more  
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