Best Time for Yoga

6 rules on picking the time of your yoga practice.

Rule#1: Mornings are the best time

Yoga is best practised in the morning, before breakfast (on an empty stomach), but if you are strapped for time or are simply not in the mood, during the waking hours of the day, you can choose to practice at any other time of the day, provided your stomach is empty and not full with food. This is because after you have eaten it takes your body about three to four hours to completely digest and assimilate the food you have eaten.

Rule# 2: Wait a few hours after your meals

If you have eaten a meal, it is best to wait for three to four hours before you start your yoga practice. Additionally, if you have had tea, coffee, juice or any other liquid just before you decide to start your practice, wait for at least half an hour before you start.

Rule #3: Make sure you are relaxed before you start

While you are free to choose the time of your yoga practice, make sure your body is in a restful and normal state before you start. Yoga requires focus and flexibility, both of which can be achieved by being relaxed before you start.

Rule #4: Pick a time and stick to it

The time you choose to do your asanas does not make too much of a difference, but it is essential that you make sure you practice it at the same time every day. Therefore, picking a time that is convenient to you matters, as you are more likely to repeat the practice at the same time on a regular basis.

Rule #5: Continue doing yoga consistently to see a difference

Essentially, a set of yoga poses should be practiced for at least five to six days a week to see some kind of change in your body; be it weight loss, relief from stress or any other symptoms.

Rule #6: Don’t over do it

It is advisable that you practice yoga only once in a day, unless your yoga teacher specifically asks you to practice more than once. more  

I am also in the queue to learn more.....Thanks more  
from my personal experiences as i have been doing yoga for the last 20 years, the best asanas to reduce as well as keep the belly fit n strong are ;-
vrikshasna, shashank asna, chakrasna, sarpasana and surya namaskar asna.
you can find the details from the yoga websites. If u do them consistently , I'm sure it is going to help. more  
Thanks a lot for your tips. I am 50 yrs old. & my belly is coming out please suggest some yoga tips so that I can reduce the same.
D Dev Roy more  
Shivani thanks for the tips. I am 65 but active in work & will like to carry on as long as possible.. I have not done yoga, my body has become very stiff, earlier till 1994 I used to play regular golf, befminton & ocassionaly squash. After 94 I have not played any game or excersise. Please suggest some basic yoga exercises so that some flexibility returns to my body, I am also overweight.
Ashok Sarin more  
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