Bajaj Allianz stole my TV !!

I have a Philips LED 42inch TV bought in May 2014 and its extended warranty is covered by Bajaj Allianz until May 2017.

Some problem occured with the functioning of TV in last few months and since the warranty by Philips was expired last year I called Bajaj Allianz for repair.

Now after couple of inspections Bajaj's official agreed that TV set needs a repair hence they took my TV set last week for repair and had told that repair will be done by last Saturday.

But last saturday they didn't sent my TV set nor I heard from them about the status of my TV set.
When I called the representative who had taken the set for repair he didn't picked call or simply hung up my call.

Then I called their support service yesterday and they said that regional manager will call me up to update me about my case.

When I recieved the call from the regional manager and explained to him the situation and irresponsible behaviour by their representattive then he said that TV set needed more time to repair hence they couldn't deliver on last Saturday but they will certainly update me about situation by today and also gave me his contact number.

But again I didn't heard from them and when I called the given number it wasn't connecting later I called support service again and asked for action then they gave a new number which on dialling took me to same manager whom I had talked to yesterday.

This time he sounded casual and on asking about the status of my TV in stern way he said that by tomorrow it will be delivered.

Now I am very much suspicious that if they will deliver the TV by tomorrow or not and even if they deliver it what are chances that it was repaired in right manner and problem won't occur again.

I have the record of phone conversations and all proofs of their dishonest behaviour, so should I lodge complaint with police first for fraudulent service and stealing my product in a way or should i directly go to consumer court and what's the procedure to file complaint in consumer court ?

In how much time will I get the compensation if I file a legal complaint or lawsuit against them ?

This kind of behaviour on part of companies and giving misleading information is very bad for the consumers. Govt. must punish such companies strictly. more  

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Under extended warranty policy i had raised claim for TV remote control whose One of they key was not working. Bajaj Allianz rejected the claim saying that since there is small damage to outside case of the remote hence we cannot process the claim. I told them 1) Reason for only One key of remote not working is the manufacturing fault with the PCB inside the remote . If due to falling PCB breaks then full remote will not work. However this is not the case here. Hence it is wrong reason to reject the claim. 2) After almost 4 years of use every plastic PART becomes brittle and even with small drop it will break a bit. I mean normal wear an tear will happen to product when used daily however insurance companies use normal wear and tear to reject the claim. 3 ) Unlike older remotes these new type of remote does not have moving parts inside. and only when PCB circuit inside does not work it will malfunction. If insurance work like this then no extended guarantee claim will be admissible and it will become money making racket. regards. more  
Namaskar everyone, I am updating you with current scenario with my on-going problem. Last month I was in touch with consumer helpline when Bajaj Allianz did not delivered my TV set and stopped responding also. I believe after some pressure from consumer helpline they delivered the TV set. However the TV set is not yet fully repaired, I am facing the same problem which i was facing before when I had filed the claim. I have informed the same to consumer helpline cell and they said that I should write to Bajaj Allianz about my problem and give them one week's time to resolve the problem, if they failed to respond and resolve my problem then I can go ahead with filing a lawsuit against them. more  
File a suit In Consumer Court with a claim of about 4-5 times that of the TV set, additional amount being towards cost of your time, cost of communication (Telephone charge+ your labour), inconvenience for the absence of the TV , and mental damage caused to you. more  
Bajaj Alliance being the insurer of your Philips LED TV has no business to take it for repair. On complaint you would have directly contacted Philips authorised service centre for fixing it. On their feed back you would have updated Bajaj Alliance who will visit the service centre take necessary photos and give permission to proceed to repair. The service centre on receiving the clerance from the insurer will repair the TV and deliver it to your house. You will later receive the claim from Bajaj. This is the procedure. I failed to understand why Bajaj took your TV for servicing. Is it their job or that is mentioned in the terms of the insurance? Plesae clarify. Thanks more  
I had a similar experience in the past when my car met and was to be repaired at authorized center. The appointment of their surveyor, submission of wrong report by the surveyor and not attending call by authorized persons and their superiors was a regular feature.It took me more than nine months to resolve the issue. Surprising part of the whole story is that Bajaj Alliance initially was agreed to repair the car but I started checking the details of surveyor report and other related details and making regular correspondence with them they just budged to faults committed by them and their surveyors and they admitted complete loss of the vehicle and made me full payment. So I shall advise you start writing letters and send such letters and keep acknowledgement in safe. I have already lost my confidence in this company which is following nothing less than fraudulent practices in complying with the guarantee given under insurance policy. From then after I have advised hundreds of my friends to keep them away from this company. In today's world when social media is so active I shall advise you to give your experience wide publicity. I have noticed that such company's are very afraid of social media so use it as much as possible to teach them lesson and get early solution to your problem. Hoping for best. SK Mathur more  
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