AYUSH for Diabetes

The way this circle is being developed is awesome. I suggest we have a discussion by ailment. My father is diabetic and I want to ask everyone what AYUSH therapies have actually worked for diabetics. pls share details. more  

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Dear Shikha, here is the simple path of reversing Diabetes. I've summarized for you from the book at www.becomehealthyorextinct.com:

1. Reduce fried foods as much as possible. Stop using refined cooking oil completely. Their fat oil molecules block glucose receptor ports in the cells and prevent glucose from getting into the body cells, thereby leaving glucose in the bloodstream only. Use only low amounts of virgin cold pressed oils of coconut, rice bran, avacado or flax seed. Bake, boil, roast or steam your food instead.

2. Stop Milk and ALL Milk products, including tea, coffee, lassi, icecream, cheese & paneer. Milk contains insulin like growth factor which blocks the insulin receptors thereby increasing blood sugar levels. There is no other mammal on this planet who drinks milk after the age of 3. Human Being is the only idiot on this planet.

3. Reduce Wheat, Rice, Dals & their products. They are all complex carbs and when eaten 4 times a day, cause high sugar cycles in the bloodstream thereby causing Pancreas fatigue in the long run. Instead, eat millets like raggi, jowar, pearl millet, kodo millet, foxtail millet etc, amaranth (chauli / rajgira / ramdana) and quinoa.

4. Stop cooking in Aluminium vessels.

5. Detoxify your body with natural substances. Read 'Cleanse Therapy' chapter from the book 'Become Healthy or Extinct.

6. Use Acupressure to heal the Pancreas quickly. You can also do yoga, exercise, acupuncture, walking, gym, ayurveda, homeopathy, acupressure, keeping stress low, meditation, eating some herbs or medicines etc.

For more details of the above points, read the book.

Did you read the 2nd last testimony of James Fernandes on this page www.becomehealthyorextinct.com. He cured his Diabetes within 3 months by following the above advice. There are 100's of others too like him... but not everyone is so kind to say 'thank you for helping me'. more  
Real cause/cure of diabetes:
In ancient times,all animals including man used to live in jungles n survival of the fittest being the law of jungle,the mightier/hunting animals like lion/tiger/leopard/wolf etc run after the weaker ones like-deer,rabbit,cows,horse/mare etc. and stress is created in the minds of weaker ones and they run and breathe faster.This stress activates pitutry gland which gives command to pancreas to secret required levels of insulin harmone, which carries the glucose to the cells and in presence of more oxygen(gone in due to fast running/ breathing) glucose is burnt and gets converted into energy,thereby enabling the animal to run still faster n save its life.
In today's times,there is more n more stress and strain in man's life, due to negative feelings like fear/anxiety/anger/worry/quarrel etc, and thru the process explained above, insulin gets secreted in the blood,but in absence of adequate levels of oxygen(no running no exercise),the glucose cannot be converted into energy. When such eventuality occurs every now and then,the pancreas receives the signal that more of insulin is not required since previous level of insulin was not used up. Thus pancreas reduces the secretion of insulin and in some cases slowly slowly stops secreting insulin due to its non-use by the cells.
The sum and substance of the whole story is that maintain calm/composure/harmony in relations and reduce stress by practising yoga/pranayam/aasans/meditation n exercise/jogging,eat simple,easy to digest veg.food, not even eggs/milk or milk products,so that pancreas is not forced to reduce/stop secreting required level of insulin. more  
Yes , it's very much possible

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Dear Shikha Jain, to cure Diabetes the natural way, you need to stop eating excess of the foods that cause Diabetes. Everything else like exercise, yoga, walking, gym, ayurveda, homeopathy, acupressure, acupuncture, keeping stress low, meditation, eating some herbs or medicines etc. only help to either manage or partially reverse the condition to some degree.

Read this free e-book from www.becomehealthyorextinct.com that is being read in over 50 countries. It will teach you how to cure diabetes, high bp, cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, uric acid, constipation, thyroid, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, asthma, liver disease, kidney disease, etc. by simple methods you can do at home. It is a self-help book. Best Wishes! more  
Wonderful Mr.Vijay...very useful information on lifestyle and diet ! Thanks! more  
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