BEDRIDDEN LEADING TO DEATH EVEN. 90% of all hip fractures are due to falls. Four out of five fall deaths occur in people over 65. The simple fear of falling causes many people to curtail the very activities that strengthen the muscles and reflexes essential to good balance.
The major cause is going out of Balance as we age. Remember the what the statistics claimed. 25% of all fall deaths occur in people over 65.

This inevitable can be prevented. Quite a lot is in our hands. How to prevent falls at old age :

*Maintain a balance now and for the many years ahead with Better Balance: Just simple exercises to improve stability and prevent falls. with better Ballance we can walk bend and stretch for work outs and exercises that will increase your stability and confidence.
* To avoid trips, slips, and falls in your house and yard. fall-proofing can be done at homes. – Like strong iron Bars/rails guiding & supporting in the rest rooms, long passages where there are no Furniture. One even in the Bed room wall.
- Make sure there is good lighting with light switches at the top and bottom of stairs and on each end of a long hall. ...
- Keep areas where you walk tidy.
* Know what medication you are and the possible side effects from them. Some medications are important to alleviate from some symptoms and diseases. So know how long it will last and be cautious.
To maintain regular balance and maintain healthy and fall free life there a re simple easy exercises Even before going to the extent aging, we can prepare ourselves much before.

1.Single leg exercise :
To perform the single leg balance test:
Stand upright with your feet together. Remain safe while performing the test; have a stable object like a chair or kitchen counter nearby so you can grab it if you start to feel unsteady.
Lift one foot off the ground. Do not to allow your legs to touch (this may give you extra stability).
Watch a clock to see how many seconds you are able to stand on one foot and record this number.
If you are able to stand on one foot for 60 seconds or greater, try the single leg stance test while standing on a soft surface like a pillow.
Once you have this baseline test result, practice the single leg stance balance exercise. As with the test, position yourself behind a chair or next to something stable.
Hold on to the chair back with both hands.
Lift one leg off the ground, slowly.
Maintain your balance while standing on one leg for 5 seconds.
Return to the starting position and repeat 5 times. Try to increase the time spent standing on one leg.
Perform with opposite leg.
As the single leg stance exercise becomes easier, you may be able to progress to more advanced balance exercises, but check in with your PT before trying anything too challenging.
Boost the intensity and challenge of the single leg stance exercise with these changes:
Hold onto the back of the chair with only one hand.
Stand near the chair for safety, but do not hold on.
Close your eyes while standing on one foot.
Stand on a soft, squishy surface like a pillow or a piece of foam.
Lift your leg off the ground one inch higher.
Perform the T-stance exercise, in which you extend your lifted leg out behind you, keeping your back and pelvis level.
There are a couple of other exercises also like HEEL RAISE, DYNAMIC BALANCE.
Al these exercises requires just 20 to 30 minutes and at any time - It is worth investing this time in the interest and prevention of falls , Hospitalisation and other complications. more  

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My association with the Western world is almost sixty years. And I've seen elderly singles, both males and females, living alone and looking after themselves even beyond the age of ninety years. A lot depends on the mindset, one has got to have the will power and resolve. Some who do not wish to cook at home are offered lunches and dinners by local restaurants at affordable prices. This way the singles also find social interaction with others. A brilliant idea innovated by the restaurants. more  
Bath Room and Toilets are the cause of such slippage occurances which needs the attention and alertness of the old aged people. The suggestions given are very useful. more  
Such problems are faced by the residents of cities only. People in villages remain active even after crossing the age of 80. The life style makes the difference. In villages people keep on working/walking and doing all things manually which keep them fit. In cities, the availability of facilities/domestic helps have made the 60+ virtually condemn. People must learn to remain active doing house hold activities themselves and walking few kilometers daily for attending to routine jobs or walking regularly. more  
Sme time back I read an aricle in a Tamil Magazine about a Doctor 94 years Old, SINGLE,living alone and practicing and treating about 60 to 70 patients. His practice was in the front part of the house separated by yard (முற்றம்).Then he cooked his food himself. To walk to kitchen and back and from living area to the clinic he made special support for safe walk. He had fixed strong Steel wire, with moving handle to support him and balance to prevent any fall. No wonder so many patients had absolute faith in his treatment. more  
Sir, I appreciate your concern. However, first of all we are all fallen for fashion. Engineers do not have common sense. People do not have basic sense. With such a preferences of people all these FALLS are bound to be there. It is invited by themselves. People want super finished super reflecting tiles even for toilets. What else can happen? Extending the same today 99.99% (the germ magic number!) people are not bothered. "jo sabko hota hai, muje be hota hai" is the dialogue. People do not want to change for better. more  
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