Calcium carbide[Ca2C2] is also used in some countries for artificially ripening fruit. When calcium carbide comes in contact with moisture, it produces ACETYLENE GAS, which is quite similar in its effects to the natural ripening agent, ETHYLENE.

As CaC2 imitates acetylene gas, it may affect the neurological system by inducing prolonged hypoxia (low oxygen reaching the blood and tissues). The fast ripened fruits contain harmful properties because CaC2 contains traces of arsenic and phosphorus and the production of acetylene gas has a hazardous effect on human.

Like to have comments on this subject as I have attached the picture of Bananas . These I bought day before yesterday green [I always buy green one so that it is ripened at home as we consume the ones already ripe at home .]

I am noticing this blackening on the skin . Also the texture under the darkened are in the Skin is different and normal . I scoop out that portion and consume the rest . Is that okay or should I avoid consuming the entire banana.


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I guess, it would not be any way easy to obtain information either from the producer, or from the whole-sale buyer or from the storer-cum-ripener on the means applied for ripening the fruits. And neither the consumer has sources at command to collect such information. Chemistry perhaps explains the chemical reactions but has it solutions on how to prevent these?

If at all, the tap must be closed at the top, meaning, steps should be taken to stop chemical ripening procedures if those methods are assuredly proven to be harmful for humans.
Don't we also come across birds and animals pecking/eating the same fruits? What about them? more  
Thanks Daniel! I am eager to know whether to consume above bananas with black skin in patches. Expert comment is welcome. more  
India is going to be declared a CANCER COUNTRY like we are already a DIABETIC COUNTRY! Any Indian citizen is worried on this? Our own brothers adulterate EVERY consumables in this country, can anyone tell otherwise? More fun is that Organic items are sold still dangerous! A HUMAN MAKE MONEY by killing his brethren thru adulteration, what is the value of such money! Every soul take a birith here as a tenant for few years to live, how this disparity!

There are Central and State governments in this country! Are we seeing their function to protect its countrymen from this kind of adulteration? No way possible, ryt? In Kerala, majority of the houses do have a CANCER PATIENT IN EVERY HOME! Down the line 5 to 7 years, this number may affect each residence! Any action by any one?

The Mother Earth is so beautiful, are we protecting atleast whatever we can! Instead thru PLASTICS we are killing the NATURE! Today WATER resource is taking a back seat, most of the States in India do hv drinking water scarcity! Availability of FISH in the sea reduced like anything, as bottom of the sea is rested with plastic. Cattles are eating plastic and giving milk! Precisely, learned men know, the END OF WORLD IS DUE TO PLASTIC! Anybody caring or bothered?

If a bit of DISCIPLINE is practiced by the society, and the government, the menace can be addressed easily! Anybody listening!!!!!!! more  
Soon after formation of TRS Government they tried and there was an agitation - Since fruit business is controlled by Muslims some money got transferred and they kept quiet. Same way Ayyappa Society also. more  
Artificial ripening with chemicals is like adding water and preservatives in the milk.Using pesticides in large doses is also harmful to the human lives .The only problem is that we cannot live on without visiting hospitals where the situation is much worse.Ultimately the end result is permanant hospitalisation and deadly diseases. more  
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