ardha chakrasana

Highly beneficial for toning lower back muscles and increasing their flexibility, ardha chakrasana is also known as the half wheel pose as it involves bending backwards posing like a half wheel. The backward stretch helps in cutting flab from the hips and thighs.

Health Benefits

It stimulates the abdominal organs and aids digestion.
It works very well for people with lower back pain and spondylitis.
Ardha chakrasana increases your lung capacity and also provides relief from respiratory diseases.
Additionally, it regulates blood pressure and improves your heart function.
One significant benefit of this asana is that it stimulates ovaries and fallopian tubes addressing menstrual problems.

Steps to do the asana

Stand straight keeping both your feet together and arms alongside the body.
Putting equal weight on both feet, balance your body.
Breathing in, extend your arms overhead. The palms should face each other while you do this.
With slow exhalation, pushing your pelvis forward gently and bend backwards. Keep in mind to keep the arms in line with the ears while you do this. The elbows and knees should be kept straight and the head up, lifting your chest towards the ceiling.
Hold the posture for some time.
Breathing in, come back up keeping your arms overhead.
Breathing out, bring down your arms and relax.
According to Rekhi, you should repeat the posture 3-5 times holding the pose for at least 15 seconds.


Those suffering from peptic or duodenal ulcers and hernia should avoid doing this asana. People with serious spinal or hip problems should also keep away from this asana. Pregnant women should also avoid doing this pose.


Make sure to keep the breath slow and rhythmic while doing this asana.
For beginners it is very necessary to support the back with the hands as you can harm your back very easily when you bend too much without any support.
People often tend to tense the whole body while they are in the pose. Try to relax. more  

Thanks On Saturday, 27 September 2014 11:46 PM, Raja Chandra wrote: more  
Dear Shivani: While your contribution is appreciated, I would urge you to input cautions specially for women in different conditions. My anxiety is these asans while are unmatchable benefits, may cause harm or lot of discomfort which no other system on this earth can then treat. Hence caution is utmost important. Generally for all if there are any bleeding wounds or just wounds which could bleed or ooze etc, then avoid these strenuous excercises. Thanks and all the best again. more  
Shivani and Navin have given us a very meaningful and useful exercise for cutting flab from the hips and thighs. more  
Another help tip Start doing it with a bed on your back so that if you fall for any reason, your fall is taken care by the bed. more  
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