Air Quality Deteriorates- GRAP implementation to start soon

Look like Delhi will start GRAP implementation soon. This is the graded response action plan and following measures will kick in a few days

#No diesel generators: In case you rely on diesel generators for electricity back up at your work or residence then you will have to say good bye to the luxury for a few days or switch to greener options. The ban will also affect marriage and other public functions, which heavily rely on this option for electricity.

#Increased parking fare: The pollution curb plan aims to discourage the use of private vehicles to curb single use vehicles on the road. But if you still want to use your car, then you may will have to fork out three-to-four times the parking fee.

#Limited commodities; If the pollution levels continued to rise beyond control, then the board may ban entry of trucks bringing in goods, except essential commodities, which may affect festival shopping.

#Educational institutions: Higher pollution levels could lead to temporary closure of schools and other educational institutions. Going by the records of past couple of years, some offices also choose to allow work from home to their employees to ensure less exposure to smog.

Citizen Actions

#Use public transport or taxi: Avoid using personal vehicle to work. If you must, then try to pool the ride to ensure lesser carbon footprint.

#No new construction: Avoid starting new building or reconstruction projects as the debris adds dust particles in the air which do not settle down easily.

#No leave burning: Autumn season can lead to a serious leaves menace. But at no time should you burn those leaves, because it seriously adds to pollution levels apart form being illegal.

#Switch to green energy back ups: Do not use diesel-based generators for emergency energy needs. Instead install solar panel or solar energy equipments, which are available at a subsidised rates in the national capital. Even back up battery-based inverters are a better option than petroleum based ones. more  

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There are many more small reasons which add up. Let us be be responsibal. more  
So the Delhi bypass expressway has negligible impact?
Is there any authentic, scientifically collected data on what exactly causes the high pollution levels in Delhi or does everyone have only wild guesses or pet theories? more  
Most important culprit is piles of dust / debris lying in open. Roads on sides are dug up then left like that for years together. Why kiosks all around ? It is a horrible scenario. more  
I agree..
there are multiple variables for pollution. There is so much loose top soil flying around as mentioned.

The vehicular pollution is aggravated because of blanket banning of solar films from vehicles. This has put additional load on the engines. Solar films must be allowed again, but only from accredited suppliers.
The underline reason is administration apathy to the issue.This Govt. has made photo -ops as the main objective instead of actual work. more  
PEOPLE should by themselves involve in bettering the city they live. Ads mr Somani sab has said FIT IN AIR FILTERS FOR THE DIESEL GEN SETS Group Use of cars and those travelling SINGLE cease their cars. more  
Parking fee increase is just a money making racket to hoodwink people’s innocence
More effective will be a restriction on the govt vechicles plying the roads for personal work

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