It is not correct to say that Food Grade Wax has been Applied on the Apple encountered by Hon'ble Minister recently. It is obvius to say that Apple was pasted with FOOD GADE Wax. As far as Science is Concerned ther is no Food Grade Wax as opined. Who will safe guard the Health of the People because everywhere Adulteration is there in almost all the Food Items. Govts. (Central& States) should take aserious View on this issue of Adulteration of Food Items. Such Acts should made as an unbailable offence offence under Criminal Act. We are in hope at least now the Govts should Act accordingly since the Honourable Minister himself has experienced.
Satyanarayana . Manne,
for Vasudha Green,
for Mera Spandana,
9133498366 more  

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As I have always said we make so many rules but we do not have proper implementing agency.Making rule is one time requirement whereas implementing is life long requirement.Presently culprits are not worried/fear of wrong doing.Police/implementing agency most of them are corrupt. more  
Making stricter laws alone would never solve such issues until & unless we, the common man, extend wholehearted support by refraining from purchasing and consuming such items which are aught to be adulterated. Most of us are aware about delivering highly adulterated milk at our doors but we are so adamant and careless towards family health that door delivery milk vendors in every city & town are on increase. We purchase fruits at high prices and relish them being fully aware that most of the fruits sold in the markets are adulterated by different means only to fetch high prices. Can't we abstain for some times from consuming such adulterated food items, to say, for 5 to 8 weeks? Will it really be difficult and likely to have an adverse affect on our health more lethal than the amount of harm these adulterated foods are making? If our common man decide jointly & severally for a complete boycott of such adulterated food items for a certain period, it is certain that such an action would have a revolutionary effect in bringing down the menace to the barest minimum in the entire nation within a short spell of time and will be much more effective and long lasting than enacting any laws. more  
BEE WAX is the food grade WAX more  
We as humans have forgotten the taste of natural foods. Every item that we consume today is chemically treated to enhance its flavor, food value (fortification), or it is refined by adding chemicals, or plucked before natural ripening on the plant, then treated to artificially ripen, coated or injected with chemicals to increase shelf life/contain damage during transportation. Food items are colored to make it look fresh (jeera, strawberry), rice is polished by removing the most important and valuable layers to make it look white, Juices are packed with chemicals to enhance taste, feel and shelf life. You name it there is contamination/adulteration. Nothing we eat today is natural. We get plenty of stock even when the statics of the production of a particular grain/oilseed etc are very meagre. Where do they get the grains or oil seeds to produce so much of oil? No one questions nor do they have the numbers to check and relate the same.
The corporate business are just after filling the pockets of its share holders using every trick in the trade.
It is a pity that we live in a society which has no ethics or moral turpitude. What can one expect when the very fabric of education has gone to dogs. more  
Adulteration is leading to increase infectious diseases and lower immunity. This has affected the quality of life more  
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