My husband 54 yrs is suffering from advanced stage of inoperable Pancreatic cancer.Presently he is getting chemotherapy at Apollo Hospital, Delhi. The two issues are to be addressed; one is ascites and 2nd is metastatic. How these two issues to be tackled? more  

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The two issues are to be addressed; one is ascites and 2nd is metastatic. How these two issues to be tackled? Ma'am you have to excuse me as we can just recommend procedures for each stage related problem. Most people with pancreatic cancer have pain and weight loss, with or without jaundice (yellowing of the skin). Pain is common. It usually develops in the upper abdomen as a dull ache that wraps around to the back. The pain can come and go, and it might get worse after eating. ●Weight loss. Some people lose weight because of a lack of appetite, feeling full after eating only a small amount of food, or have diarrhea. The bowel movements might look greasy and float in the toilet bowl because they contain undigested fat. ●Jaundice causes yellow colored skin and whites of the eyes. Bowel movements may not be a normal brown color and instead have a grayish appearance. Jaundice is caused by a block in the flow of bile from the gallbladder, where it is stored, to the intestinal tract where the bile assists in digestion of food. The block is caused by the cancer. For Treating pancreatic cancer symptoms — Pancreatic cancer often causes bothersome symptoms like jaundice, intestinal blockage, pain, and weight loss. Treatments are available to relieve these symptoms. Jaundice — Jaundice is caused by a blockage of the flow of bile from the gallbladder into the intestine. The most common treatment is a stent, which is a small tube that is inserted into a duct to keep it open. The stent can usually be placed in a procedure called ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography). Bowel (duodenal) blockage — Some patients with pancreatic cancer will develop a blockage in the upper intestine (duodenum) caused by the tumor. Surgery can be done to create a detour between the stomach and a lower part of the intestine. An alternative to bypass surgery is placement of a stent (a tube) in the duodenum. The stent helps to hold open the blocked area. Pain — Pain is a common problem in people with pancreatic cancer. In some people, pain medicine alone is all that is needed. Radiation therapy can also help relieve pain by shrinking the tumor. A procedure called celiac plexus block might also be a good option to control pain. This procedure uses injections of alcohol into nerves that transmit pain signals. The alcohol kills the nerves, preventing them from telling the brain to feel pain. Weight loss — Weight loss is common in people with pancreatic cancer. Taking a pancreatic enzyme replacement can help your body to absorb fat. Enzyme replacements are usually taken in a capsule on a daily basis. In many people with pancreatic cancer, the disease cannot be cured. Deciding when to stop treating the cancer can be difficult, and the decision should involve the patient, family, friends, and the healthcare team. Ending cancer treatment does not mean ending care for the patient. Hospice care is frequently recommended when a person is unlikely to live longer than six months. Hospice care involves treatment of all aspects of a patient and family's needs, including the physical (eg, pain relief), psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of suffering. This care may be given at home or in a nursing home or hospice facility, and usually involves multiple care providers, including a physician, registered nurse, nursing aide, a chaplain or religious leader, a social worker, and volunteers. more  
I strongly support the view of G Kuvalekar. Recently I lost my mother who suffered from Lung cancer. It was detected just before 2 moths of her last breath. I am a Scientist and worked with cancer in USA for some time. I suggest Neelam to ask Doctor what are the options. Better ask your doctor to give medicine which can relieve burning and pain. Go judicially not emotionally. Because I had to take very strong decision when I came to know the deference of few days only. more  
Tulsi in any form will help .Tulsi panchange swaras by patanjali is a great medicine.leaves of Tulsi can be eaten just like sabzi.Take the quantity as much you like.may god give you the against all odds. more  
Dear Mr Kuvalekar, Thanks for giving morale support to Neelam who is passing through a very crucial time in her life due to her husband's battle with pancreatic cancer, and I do appreciate your concern. Best regards, Kunwar Singh more  
I understand your concerns and fears Neelam. I am not a doctor, but having worked with cancer patients and their families, as well as having taken care of my own family members who have had cancer, I speak from personal experience and hope my advice helps you. Having gone through all the replies that you have received, I see that Garima Trivedi has outlined the staging of pancreatic cancer and also the treatment options for the same. Do go through her reply to understand the disease. I believe your husband's cancer is metastatic and hence it is not curable. Doctors will use medicine for palliative treatment now viz., offer medicine to improve the quality of his life, rather than to add years to his life. I am not aware if your doctors have informed you of the stage of your husband's disease and if they have explained their treatments options. I would suggest that you not lose heart - have realistic hopes. Cancer affects not only the patient but caregivers too. Hence, do take care of yourself - lean on those close to you for emotional support. You can try homeopathic and ayurvedic treatments as suggested by other members, but remember that these too will be palliative, i.e will help to alleviate some of the symptoms that he will experience due to the progress of the disease. DO NOT get carried away by unrealistic expectations and people offering false hope. Concentrate your resources on improving his quality of life and on giving him emotional support. You need to ensure that your financial resources are not constrained and you are also taking steps to put his financial affairs in order. It is a tough time for your and your family and I would like to offer my support to you in handling this transition. Feel free to contact me on my email more  
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