Today Health issues have cropped up in such a larger scale that, at a very small age people are suffering from various diseases such s BP, Diabetes, heart problem etc. Can any one elaborate how our lifestyle, Eating habits etc should be, so that health issues can be reduced and live a healthy life. more  

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"The below is a natural life style living of mankind, we forgot all these in modern world. This style solves all our day to day common problems like astma, constipation, sugar bp etc and one can lead a medication free life through out their life. Please visit manthena site if you can understand telugu language. Following is the gift of Dr. Manthena's talk in Gyan Yogi channel on 06.05.2016, expanded at certain places by Mr. T Sekhar, NLM Mentor. Obesity and overweight are the most widely occurring health issues for many in today's fast changing world, due to availability of fast foods, processed foods, lack of time to eat, exercise or rest properly, and such other issues. A normal office-going woman or housewife with house-hold gadgets requires 1800 calories energy per day, while a man employed in service or business requires 2200 calories. Additional weight gets added to body by way of extra fat due to less expending of energy while taking food that gives more energy every day. Balance of energy gets converted to fat and gets stored in various parts of the body. So one wishing to reduce weight must start taking less food and doing more work, while taking care to ensure that the body gets ALL nutrients in adequate quantities daily, and brain cells and nerve cells (which don't get regenerated once they die) get proper type of energy to survive all through the day. A woman can continue to do her daily routine without any deficit of nutrients by taking only 1200 calories per day, and a man by taking just 1500 calories per day. Then the deficit of energy required is met by the body by melting the extra fat, leading to reduction of body weight healthily and gradually. By doing so, one can reduce weight by at least 3 kg per month, or even 4 kg. in a month. Reducing weight faster, especially by ignoring daily essential nutritional requirements is not advisable as it may lead to subsequent complications. What should be the daily routine to achieve it? Here is the routine: 1. Wake up daily by 5 AM. Drink 1 to 1.25 liters of water, standing, by lifting the head upwards, within 2-5 minutes. You may brush our teeth either before or after the water intake. Finish your first visit to the toilet. 2. Do Yogaasanas for an hour and a half - they are the best to reduce weight healthily and get a good overall body shape. Other options are exercise, walking, jogging, running, swimming, sports etc. Calories spent per hour for different activities: Sleeping 58 Sitting 100 Standing 120 Walking 4km/hr 160 Running 6 km/hr 353 Table tennis 360 Yogaasanaa/ Dance/ Badminton/ Tennis/ Shuttle 400 Swimming 550 Skipping 650 Heavy exercise 700 3. 6.45 AM: Drink water of 1 to 1.25 liters again - even 1.5 liters OK now, as in Step 1 above. You may get stools 2nd time and feel very light and active. 4. 7.30 AM: Drink vegetable juice made of 1 tomato, 1 beetroot and one carrot, some kheera, and other gourds of your choice. 500-600 grams of vegetables would give about 200 ml of juice, with just less than 100 calories of energy, but with excellent nutrients for your daily requirement. Add 2-3 spoons of honey and juice of 1/2 lime for taste. Sip the juice slowly, let it mix with saliva before gulping. 5. 8.15 AM: Eat sprouts breakfast of sprouts made from green gram (pesalu), alasandalu, and Bengal gram (sanagalu/chana). One fistful of Each of these should be taken per person for sprouting for each day. Eat these with 5-6 dates (not more). You can fill your stomach later with pieces of papaya, pomegranate seeds, karbuja pieces. Feel satisfied with full stomach. Don't drink water during or just after food. Don't skip this breakfast any day, as this ensures your protein and other enzymes requirement and also good fat and good carbohydrate. 6. Start drinking water 2 hours after breakfast, a glass at a time every 15-20 minutes, till 30 minutes before lunch. You may drink a total of 1 liter water in rainy season and winter, and more during summer. 7. 1-1.30 PM: LUNCH: Eat 3 phulkas with 2 curries, one made of vegetables and the other with leafy vegetables. No salt or oil, at least salt and least oil, because you can't eat more curry if there is more of either of these. You should eat at least 500g of curries, and you can eat even 750 g. of curries to fill your stomach, but not more phulkas. You will feel that you had a good lunch. Don't peel the vegetables if possible, as the peel being fiber, gives you feeling od stomach being full for a long time. If craving for eating rice, you may replace the 3 phulkas with just one katori of brown rice. You may have one cup/katori of curd. 8. Start drinking water 2 hours after lunch, a glass at a time every 15-20 minutes, till 30 minutes before lunch. You may drink a total of 1-1.5 liters water in rainy season and winter, and more during summer. 9. 5-5.30 PM: You may have a glass of coconut water, or sugarcane juice or fruit juice - these will have just 75 calories of energy or equal to just 1 cup of coffee. 10. 6.30 PM: have fruit dinner with not more than 1 banana, 2 or more guava, 1-2 oranges, or any other combination of these. If diabetic, have supper with 2-3 phulkas and more of veg. salad. No curd in dinner. 11. Do walking or some other exercise for at least 1 hour in the evening, before or after dinner. A total of two hours and a half of exercise per day is required for good weight loss. 12. Sleep latest by 10 PM. If you have an urge or craze to eat snacks like idli or upma, you may have them with curries in stead of phulkas or rice in lunch, not more than one day a week. But don't take them for breakfast or dinner. Don't eat or drink anything else in between - they would increase the calories, may give rise to gas and acidity problems, and may negate the aim of weight reduction. Any prasaadam etc. may also be added to lunch or dinner in very small quantities. Most important: Keep a diary of violation or skipping of any of the above steps, and ensure that you minimise the violations to achieve the desired goal as scheduled." helpful more  
As per the vedas Living beings ( of which man is a part) and nature are just two aspects of creation. Both have to be in harmony. Instead of finding true happiness, man now seeks after materials. In acquiring materials, the consequences to the environment is not thought about. Man must realise that there is a limit to everything, chiefly happiness through materials For eg. there are many machines which has replaced our work. But our muscles need the labour in order to sustain. Machines are used while muscles are not. So muscles will become static since they do not perform. So they become ridden with diseases because surrounds are already polluted. So it is the direction that man has taken is the reason for his declining health. One man can correct if required. Can the whole mankind correct itself???. more  
Practice Yoga everyday without fail. Follow the teachings of Baba Ramdev regarding teaching and the life style. You will live long witout any health problem. more  
Prevention is better than cure. Those who are already victims of the new life style deseases can now look around for the cause of their survival. However, if we want to contribute to our next generation for them to live a healthy and happy life then we have to initiate it now. The correction should start from our schools. There should be mandatory physical training, agricultural activities and vocational trainings for the students to get involve into physical activities not only in the school but after coming home as well. Since these activities will generate output having economic value such as agriculatura produces are useful both at home and at the market place, stc., students will be interested into it and that output will score them the A+. Once the students grow up with the physical activities on a regular and systemetic manner they cannot sit idle without doing physical activities even after coming out of the institutions. They are bound to grow healthy. This seems to be the only way out. Can we incorporate it? If so I am grateful to you. Thanks more  
I appreciate the very thoughtful question raised by Mr. Harish and responded ably by the suggestions of Ms. Brinda and M/s Naresh and Pratik. The problems referred by Mr. Harish that talks about today's Health issues in such a larger scale affecting even the people of small age group exposed to Degenerative Disorders (not diseases) such s BP, Diabetes, Heart problem. Arthritis, Cancer, Kidney Problem etc. have all gained to be Lifestyle Disorders. Research has shown that 95% of the Health Disorders that are Degenerative in Nature are caused coz. of Bad Large Intestine (Colon) and we do very little to address the problem going thru Cleaning of our Colon and Blood. When followed Cleansing of Colon and Blood, the immune system in the body can be greatly boosted and it will also help manage and control the Degenerative Disorders very effectively and further to also attend to will be focusing on Balancing (pH, Harmone, Ion) and Activating providing the body with the best of the Nutrition, Quality Oxygen with the needed exercise, Drinking good quality Live Water and also keeping at bay exposure to bad radiation and surely also exposing the body to Sunlight. Our Body Cells (body is made of about 75 to 86 Trillion Cells is what we have understood from studies) need Oxygen, Water, Nutrients, Sunlight and a good system of waste disposal generated at Cell level shall help a great deal in managing and controlling both Degenerative Disorders and Diseases caused by Bacteria and Virus by building good immune system in the body. There are remedies and products that effectively support the desire of keeping good health to be part of Wellness than Sickness which shall help surely a long way in allowing us to live a healthy life. more  
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