Spray of water from sky by aircraft is the really best and immediate solution to reduce PM2.5 & PM 10.0, AS WATER IS UNIVERSAL SOLVENT.
Installation of Water Fountains at every crossing will not only reduce the toxic materials but also beautify the city.
Cars only create pollution when move on very slow speed like 2-4 km per hour.Remove the encroachment of footpath both sides of road.
Make compulsory of Cycle as mode of transport from upper class to down class employee including politicians. more  

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It's very much necessary.we must think before. Thanks for this mail., more  
SUSHIL KUMAR Fountains were constructed in many parts of the city are not functioning due to water shortage, more  
I THINK BUBBLING OF AIR THRU A WATER COLUMN IN DIFFUSER CAN ARREST PARTICULATE MATTER WITH USE OF LESS WATER. I HAD GIVEN A COMPLETE SET OF 10 ACTIONABLE POINTS AN YEA BACK...REPRODUCING THE SAME: A TEN POINT SUGGESTIONS FOR A FOUR YEARS ACTION PLAN TO IMPROVE THE AIR QUALITY IN NCR OF DELHI: Start Now ! 1. PROMULGATE ORDINANCES COVERING NCR OF DELHI BANNING BURNING OF LEAVES, RUBBER, SYNTHETIC CLOTHES, ETC. : a. THREE HOUR WORKSHOP TO SENSITISE ALL WORKERS ENGAGED IN CLEANING b. IMPOSE A FINE OF RS 5000/= ON ANYONE BURNING ANY STUFF THAT GENERATES DARK SMOKE AND POLLUTANTS and a Fine of Rs 500/= on all those who knew the happening but did not try to stop it or object to it. Area magistrates to be empowered to decide on complaints lodged with local police/PCR Vans. Any one booked thrice for same punishable act to be liable to imprisonment for 30 days or a fine of Rs 50,000/= or both. 2.Put Water droplets and mist to use to bring down particulate matter : Mist and droplets of water by their sheer surface area and moving trajectories make several micro particulate matter stick to surface of water and aggregated on the water surface become heavy and settle down. a. Install and operate permanent Rain guns/ sprinklers to keep top cover of all Landfill sites within NCR of Delhi moist and to douse any fires that generate CO/NOX. b. Clean up tree/plant leaves of dust/dirt to improve photosynthesis and generate more oxygen.If Oxygen level improves, deep breathing is not required and less of intake of particulate matter in lungs shall happen and also for reason of less choking in smog conditions. Better photosynthesis also means less of Carbon dioxide in lower strata and better micro-environment gets created by green cover if it is not tolerated as dust laden brown cover. Govt./ NGOs supported by Govt. can deploy: (1) Mobile Tankers with motorised pump-sets to operate fixed Sprinkler Nozzles (2) Portable piping connected to Pump sets that can run sprinkler jets up to say 20 m high c. Where there are buildings across the sides of roads : Mist creating half circle sprinkler nozzles or / and Foggers to be mounted on top of buildings around the arterial roads to create enough water particles/ droplets or moisture in lower strata to bring particulate matter down. It will work to reduce dust and particulate matter in lower strata significantly and improve the overall quality of air. d. It is a must: Vacuum clean the arterial roads off the particulate matter and dust before 7 A.M. before Sun warms up lower strata of air to enable kicked up dust and particulate matter to rise/ spread. Stop use of traditional brooms to kick up particulate matter again 3. Provide for Non-polluting Public Transport System with immediate action plans for the following: 3.1 Electric and CNG Car Taxies only to ply on RING ROAD AND KEY ROUTES.. and Local Govt. to provide for Franchise of Battery Charging Stations; Prohibit Diesel Taxies to compete with Electric Cars and CNG Car taxies. Assist Owners to convert them to CNG vehicles. 3.2 Auto rickshaws to be substituted by Electric Rickshaws and Govt. to provide space for Replacing Discharged Batteries withy Charged ones and Battery Charging Stations... 3.3 More than 5 years old DIESEL CARS and Taxies to be allowed only during Non-Peak Hours...when Traffic Jams do not occur. 3.4 Only Public Carriers/ Heavy Vehicles that have been Factory Tested and Certified and also have No Pollution Certificate Test done in less than last 4 months should be permitted with in NCR of Delhi during Non Peak Hours only : After 11 pm and before 6 AM that too only on specified Roads which have Air suction and water scrubbers deployed. Commercial godowns and downloading of goods centers should be only in select areas along these roads and such public carriers should not go deep into city for unloading. 3.5. All private Cars and three or two wheelers older than 2 years should be subjected to quarterly pollution checks and vehicles older than 10 years should not be permitted to be plied with in NCR of Delhi. 3.6 Any vehicle having dangerous level of pollution or impure fuel should be impounded or fined heavily if willful default is established. 3.7 Multi level Metro Trains network & Supplementary Point to Point Electric Sky Rail/ e Rickshaws should be planned to decongest the city roads. Old diesel Minibuses should be strictly checked for Pollution and quality of drivers. 3.8 Commercial Buildings space must be regulated to comply to the staggering of working hours -Early starter, modal and Late starters .Corporate hiring commercial spaces should be legally bound to comply to rotating of starting time norms to facilitate staggering of working hours. 3.9 PROVIDE GREEN STRIPES on Roads where congestion of traffic happens. Vehicles should be required to maintain a specified distance while driving thru GREEN STRIPED ROAD CONGESTION POINTS under CAMERA SURVILLENCE with strict regulation of NO TAKING OVER OR LINE CHANGE....It will minimize traffic jams. A fine based upon CC TV Footage should be levied by post. 3.91 Corporate should be encouraged to allow work from home on at least one working day per week during winters. 3.92 Deploy additional Public Transport CNG or Petrol run during peak hours for point to point transport along arterial routes. 4. All vehicular fuels should be subjected to strict checks by Independent Body with its own labs and STRICTER REGIME of lesser polluting Fuels should be imposed..including that for Aircrafts.. (Euro V by start of 2016.) 5. A new norm to change the landscape should be applied to charge such commercial and residential spaces that do not provide for any trees.DDA Parks which have lawns should be declared Tree Reserve area for planting specified trees and only play grounds should have peripheral trees strips. ULBs should identify Tree Reserve Area where only trees can exists and nothing else. 5.1 Create intensive green belts comprising of Trees and bushes along Water Bodies , also along the arterial roads. 5.2 Make Trees and bushes with double chromosomes to double the photosynthesis and generate more oxygen fixing double the amount of carbon dioxide. (Genetic research is required to import such trees until these are grown locally.) 6. NCR of Delhi needs to promote AIR CURRENTS THROUGH TEMPERATURE DIFFERENTIALS which can be created by design by the following measures: 6.1 Increased mass as well as surface area of water bodies along Yamuna (means excave banks and undertake dredging so that surface runn off of rain waters is minimised; transfer river waters during rainy season to ponds/ lakes); Provide High Fountains and Sprinklers along green belt created at and along river banks/ water bodies; It can lower the temperatures by 4 to 5 degrees to promote a breeze towards the water bodies before sunrise hours and after sunset hours. 6.2 Create by design underground DUCTS which suck stagnant / polluted air at low levels in congested areas/ pollution prone areas and sucked air is blown out as cleaner air through the deep water holes and vertical Columns filled with water and with scrubbers packed/ diffusers with water sprinkled down to adsorb and absorb particulate matter before cleaner air is released at higher levels. Air Compressors can be deployed to intake air to be bubbled thru water for release as cleaner air. 6.3 Areas under Funnel of Airport are very badly affected during winters with no air currents and exhaust of aero planes supplements air pollution. In winters, peak flight hours should be 30 minutes after sunrise and Civil Aviation ministry should direct for no take offs between 4 to 7 am during winters. Suction of air along runway and bubbling it thru water scrubber columns should also be attempted. During static winter mornings, a few sorties of artificial rain should be attempted in the funnel areas of airport as aircraft fuel burnt at take off also leaves a lot of pollutants in air that descends. 6.4 Mist nozzles / water sprinklers should be mandatorily fitted on top of commercial buildings to spray water for 15 to 30 minutes before sun rise to enable the particulate matter to become heavy and settle down and SOX/ NOX to get partially dissolved. 6.5 During winters, allow those vehicles only that mount on its rooftop with disposable AIR FILTERS that can trap particulate matter by making air get sucked into filter from front and get filtered thru fine mesh and moist filter with a small exhaust fan drawing current from vehicle creating suction effect. 6.6 Enforce All vehicles to fix a disposable additional low cost low resistance exhaust filter fixed at its exhaust outlet during winters. It could be with moist lint filter or polyester wool filter which could be easily replaced by owners even on daily basis. It has potential to retain 10 to 30 % of particulate matter if not more and is worth trying during winters . 6.7 Make it mandatory to Vehicle Service Centers to service and clean inside of Exhaust Pipes during periodic servicing. 7. Segregation of Organic Waste from Kitchen and Gardens is a must and composting/ wormy composting with sucking of air thru pipes laid underground to improve oxidation of organic waste should be attempted and organic compost should be marketed for Organic Farming and for Kitchen Gardens. Only non-compostable wastes should be processed by incineration at 20 km crow distance away from the urban clusters and its 2% residue should be used for pavement bricks/ tiles... All sweeping, garbage collection , road repair work should be carried out during night time and before sun rise. Instead of conventional brooms, only Vacuum suction machines with filters to arrest the dust/ solids should be used. Segregated Garbage bins with lids should be placed at convenient locations where residents only should be permitted to deposit their paper bags of segregated garbage to be collected at fixed time during night. Non-compostable, plastics, wood etc. can be collected and disposed off in plastic bags . 8. Industrial as well as Commercial and Residential units within NCR of Delhi should not be permitted to run on Diesel Gen sets as there is big risk of diesel mixed with other cheaper fuels to generate power without any checks on pollutants in exhaust. 8.1 No chemical, Pharmaceutical or metallurgical unit should be permitted to be run in NCR of Delhi. 8.2 No Coal based power plant should be allowed with in 100 km of NCR of Delhi. Local generation of Solar Power or Gas based power should only be permitted and even Commercial/CGHS/ Residential DG Sets should be phased out with subsidized PNG or CNG run Generators. 9. Bursting of Crackers/ fireworks on private functions should be banned and manufacture, sale and purchase of fire works with in NCR of Delhi should be banned by law (except only State Govt. can relax the ban for a few hours for a few days for festivals). 10. No construction or demolition activity within NCR of Delhi should be permitted during winters without a third party inspection and without the mandatory provision of charge based services of DUST SUPPRESSION to be rendered by qualified agencies. 10.1 All JJ Clusters/ Non Regularized construction should be provided with PNG and sale/ purchase of Kerosene should be phased out in next 4 years. No state tax should be allowed on PNG/ CNG/ LPG -- the clean fuels with NCR of DELHI. 10.2 Make breathing masks freely available to citizens for their daily use during winters, ESPECIALLY SCHOOL AND COLLEGE GOERS. NEW: My son had developed software to create a website for CAR POOLING...where members of public register themselves and after public verification can know itinerary/ route that other members take at any given time and can organise CAR POOLS point to point or enroute the itinerary. If Govt wants to own such website and register members after scrutiny for safety reasons, the software can be made available for free. Suggestions from Lokesh Punj (0-9958511566) lok.punj@gmail.com R/O Dwarka, New Delhi. more  
Dr. DP Singh does not seem to know what he is talking about...????? more  
These days Delhi is suffuring from Pollution which has crossed the 17 years record. I am a Engineer & suggest the following- 1) IMMEDIATE SOLUTION- a) Spray the water from aircraft as is sprayed when there is fire in Jungles & water is sprayed to estingvish the fire. b) Install the industrial type vaccume/air purifiers on the vehicals and move them on all roads at regular intervals. These vaccume/air purifiers will clean the air. 2) LONG MEASURES- a) install the big vaccume/air purifiers at regular intervals on roads & places. b) Install the water fountains the maximum can be done. c) water spraying machine be installed at places. These measures have already been adopted in BEIJING as broadcasted on TV channel NEWS 24 at 10.27 am today- 07 Nov 2016 3) PLEASE DO NOT GO FOR ODD/EVEN THIS TIME AS IN THE PAST TRIALS IT HAS ONLY GIVEN TROUBLE TO COMMUTERS AND NO OUTPUT/BENEFIT IN REDUCTION OF POLLUTION. more  
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