I am foreign national been working in india for more than 8 yrs. I have two pf account. I tried to transfer my pf to my new account but my application was rejected. Please advice.Its my money n there should not be any problem with transfer but policy says so.please suggest what I need to do more  

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Pl state the reason for rejection of your request S C Wadhwa more  
Firstly let us know the reason for rejecting your application for transfer of contributions from previous account to present account. Secondly, submit Form-13 (R) once again with details to the concerned RPFC where your PF was remitted. There may be some technical errors, EPFO always effect transfer of contributions. Try once again. Then also your application is rejected apply for withdrawal. more  
DEAR SIR/MA"M You should do complain on EPF official website with detail. THANKS AND REGARDS SANDEEP KUMAR CONTACT-7531878949 more  
Hi, If your UAN no. is generated the transfer can be easy, other wise try to withdraw 1st one if your are not able to get previous account transfer. more  
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