Make Your Home Cancer Free

While cancer has become a common place disease, most of its causes remain unknown. Most of us are not aware that few regular everyday materials present in most households are potential causes of cancer. Lets know about them, the health hazards they can cause, and be aware.
Check this list.

1. Shower curtains - shower curtains are made of toxic chemicals which get into not only the shower or the bath but also into the environment. It emits harmful chemicals which are called voc (volatile organic chemicals) and can prove to be very harmful for us.

2. Deodorants - deodorants and antiperspirants are known to have various ingredients which have cancerous properties. These sprays stay on our bodies for hours, until we wash them off. While on our bodies, they chemicals harm our skin and even through it.

3. Strong shampoos - many shampoos contain toxic chemicals though there is no scientific proof that they cause cancer. However, the array of chemicals used to make shampoos is definitely harmful for us and best, if avoided.

4. Room fresheners - air-fresheners, like deodorants have vcos which are toxic and extremely harmful for us. They aggravate asthma and even affect reproductive development. They have hazardous components which can be cancerous. It is advisable to use essential oils.

5. Scented candles - scented candles mostly have wicks made of lead. While they serve a good purpose, there is no point in using something which gives momentary relief but can prove hazardous in the long run.

6. Certain paints - permanent markers, acrylic paints, solvents, etc contain hazardous chemicals which have been associated with occurrences of cancer, allergies and oral damages.

7. Gardening chemicals - household pesticides, herbicides or fungicides that we often use in gardens can contain carcinogenic materials which are believed to cause lymphomas and breast cancer (in animal models).

8. Plastic food/beverage containers - plastic materials containing bpa, or bisphenol a are believed to dangerous for health. So when one is using plastic bottle or food container make sure it is bpa free.

9. Nonstick cookware - cooking utensils which are made with a nonstick coating (teflon) is suspected to be a carcinogen. The main chemical in nonstick coatings is perfluorooctanoic acid (pfoa) is known to cause cancer. Glass, cast iron, copper, and ceramic or pfoa free nonstick cookwares are safe more  

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The main reason for cancer is milk and milk products because they have maximum growth factor and the animal kid gains about 10kg per month just by taking milk. But we dont require such growth and hence it causes cancer. Milk is the main cause while other things only become trigger due to their chemical structure. If we dont take milk we will never get cancer as chinees dont have any milk content in their traditional diet and they never had had any cancer till the americans came there and brought milk in their diet. more  
precious informations. Thanks. more  
"......of camel, got and Yak milk ....." should be".....of camel, goat and Yak milk ....." more  
Dear Mr. Ram Prakash Ji, while I do agree with you. But unfortunately I do have few reservations - which I regret have to develop due to my personal experience.
Milk - now we do have reference of camel, got and Yak milk being consumed in Rajasthan, Kashmir and Assam etc.
75% world population - that's what Politicians do. They never look for the best - No 1 of the lot. For their convenience, shed crocodiles teas for there benefits and forms policy good for themselves on the name of majority of poor / village people. But I have strong feeling - just follow the best - cut and paste. What is the consumption of dairy products in developed countries. The way they process and what precautions they are taking - that is the point under reference. Even - Amul I am told is following good practice, best in Industry. But what about - Mother dairy of Delhi. All states have their Milk producing unit - but compare their status with the Dairy Industry in Newsland. Even Dairy Industry alone - forget horticulture, food preservation, bio technology, energy from waste, is developed like - Holland or similar countries - NO FARMER WILL EVER SUICIDE AND WE - THE TAX PAYERS HAVE NOT TO PAY COMPENSATION. NOTE ITS WE PAY - THE TAX PAYERS, NOT MODI, AK, BJP, CONGRESS, SP, BSP ETC.
2 to 4 years of age - child never. Again you have missed my point - drink 1 ltr of milk shake or 2 kgs of ice cream has no good effect, as compared to 100 grams of warm milk in the MORNING BEFORE BREAKFAST OR WITH BREAKFAST. Hear you again missed my point - thief in your balcony. Follow each and every letter of manual to process, distribute, cook, boiling, consuming in letter and spirit. THE SIDE EFFECTS WILL BE MINIMUM. But you follow your short cut methord - and blame milk I am sorry. more  
Mr Sanjeev Bhatnagar ji, With due regards for your personal opinion,could u please see my post and provide your answers to the questions asked therein regarding milk. Please advocate for non-veg and eggs as the perfect/nutritious/balanced foods,but they forget their drawbacks. Same way is milk,which is also a non-veg and other mammal's milk can never be suitable for humans.
75% population of the world is lactase intolerant. After 2 to 4 years of age,the child never likes milk,because his body does not require it. more  
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