Health checks you should do everyday
Health is not mere absence of disease or infirmity. It is a state of complete physical, social and mental well being and you feel fit. An ideal way of ensuring health is to be observant and careful about any bodily changes that may convert into certain symptoms later. Although you cannot yourself diagnose diseases, there are 6 one-minute health checks which should be done by everyone, everyday.
1. Check the color of urine: keep a tab on the color of your urine everyday. Healthy or normal urine is usually colourless or just pale yellow. Hint of any colour in your urine is not a good sign. If you are dehydrated or have urinary tract infection, your urine will be dark yellow in colour. Take this hint and start drinking more water - best thing to do is drink water every thirty minutes, throughout the day. If there is blood in your urine, it would be an indication of kidney stone or bladder infection or any kind of growth in the urinary tract.
2. Skin health: your skin shows how healthy you are. Cracked and dry skin tends to be itchy. Alongside, it also shows signs of health ailments and nutritional deficiencies. Be a on a lookout for changes in colour, texture, rashes, bumps or flare-ups. These changes could be symptoms of anything from skin allergy, dermatitis, psoriasis, allergy or cancer.
3. Nail health: nails are the direct indication of how our health is from within. Healthy nails should look strong, pink, clean and clear. Anything otherwise is a sign of bad health. Situations where there is discoloration on the nails or linear streaks could mean deficiencies, kidney diseases, fungal infection, hormonal disorder, anemia or even cancer.
4. Hair health: every day we lose up to 100 strands of hair and that is normal. We grow up ample amounts to balance this loss. However, if you are losing more hair than normal, it could be to do with deficiencies or hormonal disorders.
5. Gums health: it is important for us to ensure that our gums are healthy. Bleeding gums can mean something as minor as bacterial infection to something as big as heart diseases. Either way, have regular checkups done and consult your dentist at any sign of bleeding gums.
6. Eye health: check your eyes daily, any change in colouration need to warranty a visit to the doctor. Healthy eyes are white, so if your see redness or yellow colour, you should be concerned. Red eyes could be anything from sleeplessness to cold, flu, conjunctivitis or other infections. If yellow, you might have contracted jaundice. more  

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very nice informations more  
Balan ji, by Tung, if you mean Tongue - If you check your tounge in the morning and find it thickly white coated, you will probably come to know some thing is wrong with your stomach before hand itself or it may be due to some medicines you are taking. But it does not mean a cause of concern if you keep cleaning it while brushing. Under normal health conditions, a white coated tounge, means your digestion is not good. 2. For bulging stomach, there is no check needed, you will notice yourself or others will notice it and it comes under weight control or Motappa category. 3. For healthy knees , if you do regular exercise every day and notice any pain in the knees while sitting or getting up , you need to do some knee exercise. more  
Brij Guptaji, Very good heath check up points. Please give some check ups that can be done. 1. Tung. 2. Bulging stomach/ Softness of the stomach. 3. Healthy Knees. more  
Brij ji, Its all right. I am nearing 62 and can do it as of now without much difficulty. Actually this was advised by Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari during the Black & white TV days in the 70's and I as a very active sports person in my teens started to do it. This is a good barometer of your physical fitness. I still do 500 skips every morning besides taking nominal drinks every evening. The 5 indicative yard sticks of good health as mentioned by you rightly may be there today but may vanish tomorrow if positive & affirmative actions are not taken in parallel to maintain good health. This is my pitch. more  
Thanks for sharing useful tips. more  
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