With the changed social structure in the absence of proper care by children the life of senior citizens has become miserable in India. Your good self must be aware of that most of the countries in the world look after their Sr. citizens by paying regular pension sufficient for good living standard, whether they have been in service or not. Though Govt. of India has taken many steps for the welfare of Sr. Citizens but unfortunately a class of retiree has been badly ignored. Fact is that most of the PSUs / Govt. boards and corporations like Punjab Markfed & Punjab Agro Industries Corp. FCI etc. are not paying any pension to their employees on retirement. These employees are paid EPS pension. Amount of this pension is around one thousand or so per month only. Even some of the employees who after more than 30 years of service retired in the year 2000 with a salary of 20,000 or more P/M are only getting Rs. 600 P/M or so as EPS pension. Defects lies in the pension calculating formula which consider length of service from year 1995 onward only, forgetting 25 years length of service in above case. Even this pension amount remains unchanged through out the life, since it is not linked to any DA or price index, unlike other Govt. pensions. Naturally in the absence of any other source of income, the life of the retirees have become miserable. Such an attitude of apathy of the Govt. towards the retirees, who have contributed lakh crores of rupees, now lying un-used in Provident Fund Account, is very disgusting. Your good self must have observed that EPF organization has built up a huge empire from the contributions of employees. As indicated in the news item published in the Tribune Chandigarh dated 25th April 2015the account balance of EPFO is 6.5 lakh crores of Rupees besides thousands and thousands crores of unclaimed money. Thus actual balance would much more than this since the organization, has been regularly transferring some these unclaimed funds to Govt. However the employees are being deprived of their equitable share in the form of pension. In this connection a report submitted by parliament expert committee is lying pending since 2010 with the concerned ministry as indicated in the PIB memo copy placed in the attachment here. Your good self can very well understand how any family can survive with this meagre amount of Rs. 1000 P/M in such a high cost of living, especially a senior citizens who has served the Govt. though out his life. After a life long service to the nation, the condition of retirees can be well understood. The Govt. should not forget its obligation towards such ex-employees at least. The Govt. should fix Rs.10000/- per month as minimum EPS pension along with D A as per price index like other Govt. Employees. more  

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In this connection I have already contacted more than 20 MPs. and directly written to Hon'ble PM Modi .Everybody need to write to PM on Net Portal " Direct Interaction with Hon'ble PM". Only such steps on mass level can bring some change in the system. more  
Its not right to have any Bandh in country, the suffers are the BPL people who work on daily wages, the rich does not suffer, as they have black money to spend, especially people living in costly flats with black money stored and fool the income tax people. Even ordinary people after working for 40 years do not get their PF/EPF since when you go to the office for receiving payment they say papers are not correct. The country is full of corrupt ideas/people. more  
It seems trade union leaders are also hand in glove with government authorities. When they get salary/wages increased they get more membership. But nobody cares for increase in pension because after retirement they do not earn anything from retired labor force. It is the workmen who have to awaken to their future. more  
यह वास्तवमे दुर्भाग्यपुर्ण ही कहा जावेगा दि २ सप्टेबर को १० ट्रेड युनियनो द्वारा प्रणित इस हडताल मे ना किसी कर्मचारी द्वारा अथवा ट्रेड युनियन के पदाधिकारीयो द्वारा कर्मचारीयोंको देय सीमीत एवं अपर्याप्त निधी राशी काे बढाने बाबद कोई मुद्दा एजेंडे मे शामिल नही किया.बहुतहीत शर्म की बात है कि न्युनतम रू १०००/- तथा अधिकतम रू. ३२५० /- राशी जो उंट के मह मे जीरा समान ही है मिल रही है और किसीने इसपर आपत्ती नही उठाई इससे स्पष्ट है हम अपनी उचित मांग भी शासन के सामने प्रस्तुत करनेमे कंजुसी या लापरवाही करने जैसा सिध्द करते है .हालहीमे पेंशन राशीको महंगाई भत्तेसे जोडने बाबद प्रकरण सबकारीता बेंक कर्मचारी युनियन द्वारा क्षेत्रीय भविष्यनिधी आयुक्त के माध्यम से नई दिल्ली केंद्रीय भविष्यनिधी आयुक्त श्री केके जालान को आवश्यक कारवाई विचारार्थ प्रस्ताव भेजा गया है एसेही प्रस्ताव मांगपत्र संबधित क्षेत्रीय आयुक्त के माध्यमसे नई दिल्ली भविष्यनिधी कार्यालय भेजनेकी कारवाई सभी क्षेत्रो से की जानी चाहीये ताकी शासन की आथे खुले .
एक तरफ खासदारोंकी पेंशन रू १४०० से बढाकर रू २०,०००/- कर दी गई है दुसरी तरफ उद्योग मे कार्यरत रहे कर्मचारीयोंको अल्प देय पेंशम राशी बढाना तर्कसंगत प्रतीत होती है .इस बिंदूपर गहराईसे विचारविंमर्श अपेक्षित है एवं तदानुसार रचनात्मक उचित कारवाई हेतु तुरंत कदम उठाये जाना समय की मांग है कर्मचारी बंधुओ more  
As regards Bharat Band, it is a fact that majority of labor force are interested in increase in salary/wages without bothering about amount of pension which is very unfortunate. After retirement when they face reality then it is too late. more  
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