7 Vegetables Which are Good For Diabetics:

Diabetics often face a dilemma when deciding which vegetables need to be placed in the plate and which ones they need to stay away from. Glycemic Index (GI) is one factor that helps a diabetic make the right food choices. It helps rate foods on how quickly the carbohydrates present in that food affect the blood sugar levels. It is categorized as high, medium or low GI level. While low GI foods help maintain blood sugar levels, high GI vegetables can raise blood sugar levels exponentially.

Here is a list of 7 vegetables that are excellent to maintain blood sugar levels:

1. Broccoli
It is considered to be super effective in eliminating diabetes. It contains a compound called sulforaphane which triggers anti-inflammatory processes that control blood sugar level and prevent cardiovascular damage that is a consequence of diabetes.
2. Carrots
Carrots are always a preferable choice for any meal plan. There have always been numerous reasons to consider them to be an integral part of one’s diet; from treating one’s vision to improving immune system. 1 cup serving of carrots has nearly 5 grams of carbohydrates. According to a study of Stanford University School of Medicine, carrots help in prevention of Type 2 diabetes among people who have a genetic possibility of the disease.
3. Spinach
Spinach is one of the most in demand leafy vegetables. Regular consumption helps keep away a plethora of diseases and make one fit and healthy. It is also excellent for regulating blood sugar levels. Spinach is rich in vitamin K, magnesium, folate, phosphorous, potassium and zinc. It also contains various flavonoids and plant chemicals. All such essential nutrients make it one of the most sought after vegetable for diabetes.
4. Garlic
Garlic seems to be a versatile vegetable which acts as a flavoring agent as well as a medicine. From curing high cholesterol, heart disease to cancers; garlic treats them all. It may not be an exaggeration if one gets to know that garlic can even be effective for diabetes. Raw and cooked garlic helps in regulating blood glucose levels.At least two cloves of garlic everyday are required medicinal doses for diabetics.
5. Collard Greens
Collard greens (or saag) are excellent sources of vitamin C. They help to lower cortisol in the body and reduce inflammation. It also contains a micronutrient called alpha lipoic acid that helps the body in dealing with stress. It also reduces the excess blood sugar level and strengthens the damaged nerves because of diabetic neuropathy.
6. Red Onions
Red onions are rich in antioxidants apart from giving an attractive color to the salads. They are a good source of fiber, potassium and folate that are good for regulating the blood sugar level in addition to curing various heart ailments.
7. Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are considered to reduce the blood sugar level by 30 percent or less. They are rich in carotenoids, orange and yellow pigments those play a vital role in assisting the body’s mechanism to respond to insulin. They also comprise of a natural plant compound called chlorogenic acid which lowers down insulin resistance.
So, go ahead and add these vegetables to your diet and manage your blood sugar levels effectively. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy! more  

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Thanks Mr. Pritam Sharma and Mr. Bhaskara Sarma. more  
Thanks Mr Bhaskara Sarma for your comments on the post. more  
Mr pritam' s explanation clearly supports the sweet potatoes in the diabetic's diet.It may be true. It's period for new scientific innovations, developments .Some items some people suggest for diet of a diabetic, unfortunately don't have any evidence. Many lay men think that the disease is due to intake of sweet /sugar and suggest food tasting opposite , such as tasting bitter or sour or chilly, etc.. Now we have to try sweet potatoes in our (diabetics ) diet with close monitoring. more  
The glycemic index of sweet potatoes is a lot lower, which is better for diabetes control, according to a 2002 article in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition." Eating sweet potatoes in moderate amounts will help you keep your blood sugar levels in the healthy range even if you have diabetes. Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Diabetics? | Healthy Eating | SF Gate healthyeating.sfgate.com › sweet-potatoe... more  
Can any body confirm again - SWEET POTATOES? My doctor advised me any thing which grows below the earth is not good for me (a diabetic patient). Including potatoes, sweet potatoes, beat root, carrot etc. more  
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