No body can sabotage you unless your own unknown subconscious beliefs as program sabotages you.
You in voluntarily or unconsciously or in- voluntarily attract the person to sabotage you and the program manifests as fear of the other person and thus the program is triggered to revive to sabotage you.
The problem is most people are aware of the beliefs and behaviors, they are not confused with subconscious beliefs but have no idea of what is in the store.
The subconscious mind works to and fro as either for you or either against you.
The subconscious mind works more powerful and controls 90 % of activity of programs and does not recognize anything as good or bad. more  

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Dear Anand Sir
I sense more a killer than a healer---:)! My role model is a healer and
society needs healing by dealing strongly with antisocials and jealous
people .
God bless everyone
Ananya more  
ok, i will, and maybe serve you some hot food-words to digest, right after your dinner!! more  
I am coming back after a break-- I need to serve dinner to my family members. Just bear with me for an hour. I'll be right back. more  
Actually Anand Sir,thank you so much for your loving words of appreciation. But a few things to say,I cannot change my originality can I?Can you or can anyone? We are not clones but variation as per Darwin.Even the twins are different from each other.You are framing an answer by seeing my post --right Sir? Even I am doing the same. The more ideas we get from others , the better we sharpen our thinking skills and make the other person whom we are asking , feel important and happy. He / she feels that I trust him/her amongst all those millions --- to make a person feel special is a virtue --- even if you call that spoon feeding.But none can take away the originality of either you or me--I explain things in simple english , but any scholar in English will feel , that I am just an ordinary---- but actually , he/she is actually paying attention to the ordinary and making her special.I seek the opinion of those whom I love and trust , I draw a conclusion after that, I think with my brain and act with my heart and I don't think I can share any of the two with anyone else-- its exclusively mine--- by asking one gets a strength from within as one feels that all those beloved ones think the same way -- that produces an inner strength which one gains out of it-- and yes-- everyone here is talking of honouring and listening to elders-- I am also listening to my elder but the final action is done by my brain and my heart--- I do not ask all elders-- I only ask those who are my role models---- As per the following Sir:-
1. courage-- I travelled across the world all alone, I speak my mind, I protest the wrong as I value my self esteem and I respect self.

2. compassion:-I forgive the sinners of my family and transform them with extreme tolerance and take to task the sinners of earth to pave way for good humans

2. Amazement:- I write poems on my own, I even can have dinner with simple clothes at the same table with Michelle Obama and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. I bow down to others to learn from them but act the way which none can really imagine-- if I show my overconfidence to others, no one will open mouth to suggest and advise. We need to be good listeners to learn more. We need to learn till the end.
4.laughter:- the above three things if met , if there is freedom of speech , thought and action, if there is love , if there is appreciation, don't you think Sir , Laughter will follow suit? ---- these answers to your valuable queries is my original-- not asked or opined by anyone--- actually Sir, I believe that I need to speak for myself when people question my abilities ----- I hope I could explain myself to you Anand Sir. God bless everyone with good virtues and if thats termed salvation , then I must take it as a complement as I am compared with Gautama Budhha or Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. more  
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