40 pct of hyd fruits veggies have pesticide residue

My question is what is the administration doing about this. This should be treated as food crisis. more  

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Not only in Delhi or any metro in India, No where including small town to metro cities all Private clinic doctors consultation charges are been paid only cash,no bill been provided, how this income to the individual been considered, whether it is income to the individual- many a times i have pointed out this earlier, either private clinic doctors consultation charges or no private medical shop are accepting only cash and no where bill been provided. when working class people paid lakhs of rupees as tax to the government in a year- we are not given any kind of relaxation in any means-recently in secunderabad two wheeler parking i paid for 1.15 minutes Rs. 35- including GST-it is only an example, what is the use of me paying lakhs of rupees of my hard earn money as tax, here people are looting the public money as cash and not shown in their earnings, what it means- nothing but block money, what tax they are paying, but in my case, all my service i paid tax and after my retirement, i will be getting 2300/pm for my family as pension, can any body justify this sir. once side taking money as cash, not shown in their earnings at all, another side paid tax-in lakhs to the govt and paying GST in all commotidities, all my service after my retirement for my total family i will get Rs. 2300/pm as my pension sir. oh god, can any body justify this. more  
startling facts with little ,literally NO ATTENTION ; BUT NEED OF THE HOUR -Adversely affecting mass population in each state -Pl raise your voice and seek solutions to prevent-  Looking to the future, theWorld Health Organisation predicts that depression will be the world’s mostcommon illness by 2030, and suggests that the global burden of the conditionwill be greater than for illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.Take a moment to digest that. As a profession, we need to be ready to respond,to ensure that alongside employers, we are directly involved in supportingemployees during their life cycle at work and in the preventative work thatwill help sustain good mental health.As we adapt tothe ever-changing landscape of work, the rise of robots and automation and whatthis means for our society, World Mental Health Day is a good point to remember -IMPACT OF WORLD HISTORIC POLLUTION -AT CAPITAL RUINING THE LIVES OF RESIDENTS,Digitaldetoxing-did not work.But if the last 68months of political change nationally and its impact globally has taught me anything, it’sthat we can take nothing for granted and that common sense isn’t always commonpractice.Even daily eatable fooditems grown by villagers /farmers -masses are infected with pesticides to QUICK MONEY MAKING THROUGH CORRUPT PRACTICES LIKE THAT OF Officials in govt departments. The mood can change and we can never assume that the argument has beenwon. We can’t afford to stop making the case for what makes sense when it comesto mental health at work; 
so, let’s keep talking the talk, and implore able ,learned leaders to lead with effective ways to eliminate corruption in their states' govt departments..where the money iscoming from remains unanswered EVEN ELECTIONEERING PERIODS.India stands to lose $4.58 trillion due to non-communicable diseases and mental disorders between 2012 and 2030, an amount more than double India's annual GDP, according to a report.Out of this, cardio vascular diseases (CVDs) will account for $2.17 trillion and mental health conditions $1.03 trillion for the majority of the economic loss, the report released by the World Economic Forum and the Harvard School of Public Health said.IIM IIM Ahmadabad to helpAndhra Pradesh government curb corruption in state administrationFOCUSSING ON ELIMINATING GRAFT SINCEHE TOOK OVER THE REINS IN THE STATE-ASK A ILLITERATE RURAL FARMER ABOUT WHERE THECORRUPT PRACTICES IN ADMINISTRATION ARE –HON C M BELIEVES HIS/HER STATE – BIG NO CORRUPT PRACTICES-WHEREAS ONLY ONE -HONC M (A.P) SENSED ITS’SMELL IN JUST TWO MONTHS BY HIMSELF.BUT NONE OTHER C M OFANY STATE ?INCLUDING HON C M OF UTTAR PRADESH-Requested toseek ameliorative study ON SIMILAR LINES  by IIT /UNIVERSITY OF ROORKEE  TO CURB CORRUPTION    The focus would mainly be on government departments that have earnedalleged notoriety for corruption. Departments like revenue, police, municipaladministration and registration have become synonymous with corruption.EDUCATION Updated: Nov 18, 2019 10:39 IST  AmaravatiIndian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad.(HTfile) The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad(IIM-A) has been roped in by the Andhra Pradesh government to help it curbcorruption in the state administration, a top bureaucrat has said.The institute wouldstudy the structural issues in the government departments in relation tocorruption and come out with measures to tackle them, the official told PTI.The focus would mainly be on government departments that have earnedalleged notoriety for corruption. Departments like revenue, police, municipaladministration and registration have become synonymous with corruption.“TheIIM-A would help us identify the structural issues in mandal revenue offices,registration offices, town- planning wing in civic bodies and also the policethat are leading to corruption. Based on the inputs, the government willinitiate corrective action to eliminate corruption,” theofficial saidIndian medicines too Fake drugs constitute 25% of domestic medicines market in India: ASSOCHAM Delhi-NCR is the biggest centre for spurious drugs, says industry body study jul 2015-starting from daily use milk, to Alcohol, drugs,Hanza,Charas, Opium and sleeping pills have some or the other % adulteration. other commodity you have mentioned .It Does Effect -13.7 % indians mentally ill, remain untreated,25000 CANCER Patients untreated per month,20-30% children suffer mental health issues, IIM Ahmedabad to help Andhra Pradesh government curb corruption in state administration NOT DOING THEIR ROLES AND DUTIES ACCOUNTABLE FOR SUCH LAPSES IN GOVT INSPECTION AND CHECKS TO ARREST CORRUPT PRACTICES-PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES.
The focus would mainly be on government departments that have earned alleged notoriety for corruption. Departments like revenue, police, municipal administration and registration have become synonymous with corruption. Nov 18, 2019 10:39 IST, Hon P M, alone can not eradicate corrupt practices prevalent during last 70 years and none of the public servant has ever been sent / prosecuted.people need to be given power to publicly ridicule such administrative lapses of the Authorities -but Indian law /judicial system OF LAWS takes GLOBAL COURSE .Better would be local mil courts be activated and formalized to undertake trial of such public maladies and corrupt practices.Def Pers subject to mil laws are also indian Nationals subject to IPC.&MIL ACTS WITH curtailed fundamental BASIC human rights, incl.Freedom of speech. The focus would mainly be on government departments that have earnedalleged notoriety for corruption. Departments like revenue, police, municipaladministration and registration have become synonymous with corruption. It was expected that thegovernment may suitably amend the PC Act, based on the IIM-A report, for acomplete crackdown on corruption

We are sure all of us become aware and make the policy framers work prepare an effective matrix to eradicate corrupt practices at all levels of the society.  It was expected that thegovernment may suitably amend the PC Act, based on the IIM-A report, for acomplete crackdown on corruption & and fast track timebound judgements courts for prosecution of both giver and taker- -Like that of mil courts - penalizing with deterrent punishments.  India Corruption Survey 2019: 51% citizens paid a bribe in the last 12 months; property registration, police, municipality and transport top departments where bribes are demanded.BRIBE OF RS 22000/-PER BIGHA DEMAND CONVEYED -EX SERVICEMEN REQUEST FOR SETTLEMENT ON SELF FAMILY OWNED AGRI LAND att to the village DAYALPUR houses.- Shri Yogi Adityanath Hon'ble Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh-DID NOT THINK ITS A CORRUPT PRACTICE-THUS ENCOURAGING HIGHER LEVEL CORRUPTIONS IN REAL ESTATE BUILDERS COMMUNITY IN NCR,NOIDA,YAMUNA EXPRESSWAY AUTHORITIES. 74% CITIZENS IN SH YOGI 'U P,PAID BRIBE -IT REMINDS CHURCHILL QUOTE  REMINDED BY COLLEAGUES AT U K-No other leader can match and be rival to P M, MODI LEADERSHIP TRAITS., OTHERS SHOULD FOLLOW HIS LEADERSHIP TRAITS,U P C M requested to pl May follow IIM Ahmadabad to help
Andhra Pradesh government curb corruption in state administration -74% BRIBE GIVER AND NO CORRUPTION MAY BE 26% BRIBE TAKERS = 100 % CORRUPTION ,Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles.”we shall hope that  wisdom dwells on our leaders/elected reps ,reminding them ,that people have not given them power to exercise over them PEOPLE , but to channelise through those the same people to result oriented governance and effective administrative results FOR THE PEOPLE..  with best regards, and thanks for your precious time h m kulshrestha PhD more  
Friends I have a good product that cleans all the chemicals from the fruits and vegetables even Chicken and fish. Contact me on 8008766631 for more details. more  
Government should appoint a regulating authority to check this menace. more  
Our govts are not bothered about anything related to people. That is why this is known as karma bhumi. You have to redeem your karma to attain salvation. more  
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