2.1 lakh cases per day in India by Feb 21

Per MIT study, India will be the #1 country in the world with covid-19 cases. Sharing this so members and Govt prepare for such a scenario health wise and financially.

India might witness the worst of the coronavirus pandemic early next year if a vaccine remains elusive. Based on a recent study on testing and case data of 84 countries, comprising 60 per cent of the world population, researchers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have predicted that India might record 2.87 lakh coronavirus cases per day by February 2021.

Researchers Hazhir Rahmandad, TY Lim and John Sterman of MIT's Sloan School of Management used the SEIR (Susceptible, Exposed, Infectious, Recovered) model, a standard mathematical model for infectious diseases used by epidemiologists, for their analysis. They have also projected that the total number of cases worldwide would be between 20 crore and 60 crore by "spring 2021" (March-May) in the absence of a treatment.

According to the study, India will be the worst affected country due to coronavirus, followed by the United States (95,000 cases per day), South Africa (21,000 cases per day) and Iran (17,000 cases per day) by the end of February 2021.

The study takes into account three scenarios: (1) current testing rates and their response, (2) if testing increases by 0.1 per cent per day from July 1, 2020, and (3) if testing remains at current levels but contact rate to perceived risk is set to 8 (i.e. if one infected person can infect eight people).

The model shows the importance of early and aggressive testing in containing the spread of Covid-19 as cases grow exponentially, implying that delay in testing or less testing could be fatal to a more significant proportion of the population.

For the first scenario, the model has predicted that cases would rise to 1.55 billion in 84 countries. But if these countries increase testing by 0.1 per cent per day, then cases would rise to 1.37 billion as per the second scenario.
"Both these scenarios project a very large burden of new cases in the fall (September-November) 2020, with hundreds of millions of cases concentrated in a few countries estimated to have insufficient responses given perceived risks (primarily India, but also Bangladesh, Pakistan, and USA). In contrast, changes in response policies would make a major difference," the study says.

Again, if testing rates remain at the current level, but the contact rate is set to 8, then the projection shows a drastic decline in cases and fatalities. As per the third scenario, total cases worldwide would then be up to 60 crore.

The projections for India present a gloomy picture. The study shows that countries responding poorly to the perceived risk are more likely to face severe challenges. It also says that future outcomes are less dependent on testing and more contingent on the willingness of communities and governments to reduce transmission.

The MIT research further reveals that Covid-19 infection and death data is significantly under-reported worldwide. "We estimate total infections at 8.85 crore, and 6 lakh deaths by June 18 2020 - 11.8 and 1.48 times larger than reported numbers respectively," it said.

According to Johns Hopkins University, as of June 18, the official number of coronavirus cases globally was 8.24 million and that of deaths was 4,54,610. more  

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Follow this mantra:

II...wear mask and properly,
practice social distancing and correctly,
stay in-house and venture out of home correctly only if required or on essential duty,
wash hands repeatedly with soap&water for silly reasons,
and/or sanitize with >60% alcohol,
report any symptoms and self quarantine...II

- the Almighty, no matter with what Name we refer to Him, will help us: He always helps those who help themselves!!

Tathastu!! Amen!! Ameen!! more  
We should avoid generalizations, accusations without basis or evidence, and derogatory remarks, etc., when addressing others and their posts - especially making a jest on personal names/surnames, stating "your" or "her" or similar references personally: such practices are unbecoming of the educated. Yes, we all have total freedom of speech and expressing our opinions, but when addressing an audience it is expected that we remain within a framework of mutual respect. Unless, of course, when we have evidence based knowledge - yet its presentation has to be within limits of decency.
That said, dear friends, please accept that scientific methodology and research is always presented in study papers, and abstracts and summaries and conclusions, etc., thereof are sufficient to start meaningful discussions without need to quote the study itself. The fact is, the novel corona virus is a fact that none of us should deny and this MIT study has used the same mathematical model as is used by scientists for estimations of scenarios within parameters that are evident - these are a statistical, mathematical, predictive methodology wherein constants and variables are fed in and so
also are human and social factors.
The results hold true unless the factor inputs are modified - for example, if we Indian residents within our effective social environments behave as we do, the results of the MIT study are as they are. But, if theoretically we were all to practice all the recommended precautions (wearing masks and properly, social distancing and correctly, staying in-house and venturing out of home correctly, washing hands with soap&water and/or sanitizing with >60% alcohol, reporting and self quarantining, etc., the results will change!!
That's what our PM stated on the Thali beating day and afterwards - we can beat the virus if we're dedicated
My comments are for all - not in answer or prompted by others' remarks.
The study results can be different when we change the current practices - for example: suppose all in India stop spitting/defecating/urinating/coughing or sneezing with no care as to who might get our secretions/droplets - it is bound to make a dent in the MIT results!! more  
Well said..I also agree that the actual trend may vary from MIT projections, if testing strategy, mode of transmission etc changes more  
Appreciate your positivity towards life. more  
Spreading horrors is Developed countries business be it China or US, vaccinating 135 crore will be impossible in short period and then they will say all population will be getting corona and that is better as every one will be automatically get immunity, and vaccines business will be doomed. more  
May be helpful for authorities to plan and execute mitigation mechanism on best efforts basis. Media need to make more efforts for creating awareness and avoid hot debates blaming each other & diverting focus from the issue. more  
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